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How do you delete a PlayStation 4 account?


  1. Go to Settings.
  2. Select “Login Setting” from the menu.
  3. Select “User Management
  4. Select “Delete User
  5. Select the profile you would like to delete.

How To Delete PS4 Accounts

On the PS4, you can delete your account at any time. Hold down the power button on the front of the console for seven seconds, until you hear a beep. This will bring up a menu where you can choose to turn off or restart your system. Choose “Turn Off.” Wait until it’s completely powered down and then hold down the power button for one minute to fully remove its contents from memory. If prompted, input your full PlayStation Network username and password in order to log into an account. Next, select “Create a User” and follow the prompts to create a new user profile–this should be done with all existing profiles if this is possible. After creating each user profile, use these instructions to secure them:

Once you’ve logged into all the user profiles you’d like, it’s safe to power down your PlayStation 4 for good and dispose of the controller and any attachments that are no longer being used. Finally, if you have a credit card linked with your PlayStation Account, remove this as well by going to Settings > PlayStation Network/Account Management > Account Information > Account Maintenance > Credit Card Info in order to deactivate payment information from your account.

When will you be able to share costumes on PS4?

PS4 players can already share their outfits with other users, but only when they’re in a lobby where one player is using the costume set. We’ll be expanding the functionality so that you can also share costumes between your own characters once we’ve implemented it. You should expect this feature after the September patch.

For those of us who want to keep track of our favorite team’s progress, how come there aren’t any detailed leaderboards on PS4 yet?

We have heard all of your requests, and leaderboards are coming soon! We’re currently working hard on implementing this feature before the end of the September patch as well.

When will you be able to turn off the sound effects in Training Mode on PS4?

Training mode is currently lacking some features that were included in the previous version, such as the ability to turn off background sound effects. That said, it’s still possible to train your skills offline by going into Offline Mode and using dummy characters. We’ll also be including a more robust training mode with additional features after the September patch.

Why can’t we change voice chat channels anymore while spectating on PS4?

This was a bug present in our last update and has been fixed for the upcoming September patch! While spectating other players during an online match, you’ll now have full control over who you want to listen to with the ability to switch between channels.

How to delete a USER & delete your PSN account on PS4!

I’ve been getting lots of error messages when trying to get into Online Mode. What should I do?

We understand that you may have encountered a lot of errors while attempting to connect online, but we ask for your patience as it should start working properly after our September patch. If you’re still experiencing issues, please try taking these steps:

What exactly is Xbox Live Gold on Xbox One? Will it be free for all PS+ users as well?

Microsoft has built Xbox Live Gold into a service that allows you to play online with others, and also provides access to apps like Netflix. Starting in September, PlayStation Plus members will have full benefits when accessing the live multiplayer modes of games out there on the PS4 store. This includes titles such as Destiny, Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, Warframe, Killing Floor 2, and more!

If a player is reported several times for cheating while playing Street Fighter V on PC through Steam during their first 30 days of playtime on the platform how is Capcom going to deal with this issue?

When asked about the possibility of a Japanese language version, Atsushi Inaba stated (and I quote), “Of course! We always want Japanese people to play our games.”

As many readers have speculated, it is true that we will be putting greater focus on multiple projects at once when it comes to software development in order to provide a quick turnaround. However, for those hoping that this means we’ll see a game published by PlatinumGames every quarter please keep two things in mind – 1) This is still early planning so things are subject to change, and 2) Our plan right now involves working with external partners who could complete their games within a shorter timeline.

Speaking of external partners, PlatinumGames will be partnering with other companies for the development and publishing of these titles. Please do not misinterpret this as meaning that anyone else but PlatinumGames would have creative control over these games – it would still be our IPs and our staff internally at Nintendo who will be providing overall direction. All I can offer is that you think of it like a “supervising” role (for lack of better words). Think something along the lines of what DeNA does to other developers on their mobile platforms, which Nintendo’s comments about wanting multiple projects in development at once has already suggested was going to happen sooner or later. For example, say there was an idea for a new IP developed internally by Platinum. The project could be passed off to another company for development (like how Nintendo would do it), and their involvement could end there. Going back to the DeNA comparison, they just overseeing the project and then publishing/marketing it when it’s done. Of course, it goes without saying that PlatinumGames will continue working on original projects, but this is simply a good way of speeding up production time while still retaining creative control over our intellectual properties and avoiding any potential issues with having multiple teams carrying out several projects simultaneously. This new partnership model actually plays very nicely into a comment Atsushi Inaba made at E3 regarding titles using Unreal Engine 4 in the future: “Unreal allows smaller teams to go much larger than before,” which may have prompted Nintendo to take the chance on this.

To further clarify, here is a list of some of the games that have traditionally been developed by third parties and published by Sega/SEGA:

Sonic The Hedgehog (SEGA) – one of the first 3D platformers ever made. Remember what happened there? Sonic Adventures 1 and 2 (SEGA) – Sonic got his own Mascot Cinematic Universe in CG! They also coined the word “Fangasm” pretty early on… Phantasy Star Online Episodes 1 & 2 (SEGA) – people say this created online console gaming for console gamers Yakuza Series (SEGA) – recently spawned an 80+ hour sandbox title, which is a pretty big deal when it comes to console games. Bayonetta 2 (PlatinumGames with SEGA) – critically acclaimed Wii U exclusive, and possibly the only game that pushed GamePad tech-forward on the system Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA F (SEGA) – rhythm-based game series. Wouldn’t it be cool if they started making their own pop music? Anarchy Reigns (PlatinumGames with SEGA) – unforgiving action title Vanquish (PlatinumGames with SEGA) – fast and flashy third-person shooter Bayonetta (PlatinumGames with SEGA) – eye candy of a game that was well-received by critics and that’s just off the top of my head. The point is that there’s no reason to think this would be the last time PlatinumGames works with a publisher. It just so happens that they are working with Nintendo now and that some of their titles will be released within two years after development starts.

As for the “quality over quantity” comment regarding third parties, it simply means that all publishers are trying to ensure how many games get approved in one year because 1) there’s only so much hardware out there and 2) if half your game library on a platform flops then you’ve probably lost money. That’s why E3 has become such an important trade show – its goal is to make quality games seem appealing to gamers who already have plenty of options available.

How do you delete a PlayStation 4 account?

1. Go to Settings.
2. Select “Login Setting” from the menu.
3. Select “User Management
4. Select “Delete User
5. Select the profile you would like to delete.

How do I delete my PlayStation Network account?

Navigate to Account Management > Account Information > PlayStation Subscriptions. Select the subscription you want to cancel and select Turn Off Auto-Renew.

Can you delete a PSN account to reuse an email address?

That’s right, unfortunately, when you delete an account with a PSN online ID it cannot be used again because that ID is stored in their database forever.

Does deleting a PS4 user deactivate the account?

It does not delete the account. I don’t believe you can actually delete an account. If it’s only a profile without linking to PSN, then when you delete it all of those settings will be gone.

How do I delete my Sony account?

To close your Sony Entertainment Network account, you must request a ban or suspension via a written letter sent from the email used as the Sign In ID. Start this process by calling Sony at 855-999-SONY (7669). Note: any content purchased with the closed account cannot be accessed.

What happens if I delete my account on ps4?

We can’t transfer content to a different account. If you cancel, you won’t be able to refund any of your purchases. You will lose access to any subscriptions or their respective entitlements as well—no exceptions!

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