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How do you delete a review on thumbtack?


You can update your review to add new details or make it clearer. Contact us for any mistakes you find or typos that are driving you crazy.

I had a bad experience with a contractor who didn’t have any skills or know how to do anything, but for whatever reason thumbtack gave him 4.9 stars and I can’t get rid of it!!

To anyone that has ever tried to remove their review from Thumbtack, you will discover this is near impossible. Today I decided to look at another site where customers can post reviews of local businesses called YELP. After seeing all the good reviews on Yelp regarding ABC Home Improvements (NOT) in Denver Colorado, I decided to hire them as my carpet installer. Wow-what a mistake I made by taking ABC home improvements advice on installing new carpets for my home in Denver CO.

I was very clear upfront with ABC home improvements that their price quote was not right and I had done my own research on the cost of installing new carpets in Denver CO. They guaranteed me they could do it for around $1800-$2000 but would try to get it done at about $1500, which is what they told me 5 times during our phone call including being recorded. But when they came out to measure things up BEFORE we actually signed any contract, he charged me over 2 grand!

But because I already had a bid from another carpet company (Denver Carpet & Floor) who wouldn’t give us a firm price until after installation, so with ABC’s promise to match or beat any price (which later I found out doesn’t mean ANY PRICE), with this new enormous price increase, I decided to accept ABC’s pricing because a) they were the only ones who could do it on such short notice and b) Denver Carpet & Floor didn’t have as many reviews posted about them on thumbtack.

I thought to myself, what does it matter that much if flooring companies didn’t post their prices on Thumbtack before coming out for a visit? If you don’t like how high the quote is during their visit then just cancel. But my mistake was not canceling earlier when I first looked at the bid of $1800-$2000!

3 days later ABC came out with an enormous team of people (including some high schoolers?) and did a mediocre job at best. They took 2 days to install carpet for a small 1300 SQ foot home and the following day there were several (more than 15) mistakes they had made including installing the wrong linoleum in 1 room. Here’s a few that I can remember offhand:

1- Installers mixed black with white carpet and made it look like someone had urinated on my new carpets!

2- All 3 bedrooms have different levels of carpet height, so one bedroom has high carpet while another bedroom is very low. This is due to them failing to do their job right at the beginning when they measured up the first floor to ensure all rooms were leveled/flat before installation of new carpets began. This means having to pull up new carpets and have someone else come out to do the job right!

3- Installed the wrong linoleum in 1 room. (As I said before) The old linoleum was very easy to lift up so why leave it there?!! Why not replace with your own existing material that you already know works as intended?

4- Scratches all over the newly installed carpet, due to their use of long metal pole to pull up old carpets and then using same pole on new carpets that were set down onto wooden floors. They should have gone back by next day or at least a few days later and retouched all these scratches around baseboards, door frames etc. but they left them for me to deal with.

5- Did not install the baseboards in 1 room on purpose so when I came back, these new “professionals” (not) would have an opportunity to come back and charge me some more for their lousy work! In my opinion this is a very dishonest way of conducting business and unethical at that!

6- Didn’t level out the floors properly before installing carpets otherwise the carpet wouldn’t have snagged every few feet because it had sunken into one spot or another after installation. You can see this by looking at where all 3 bedrooms start going down from those spots about 12 inches lower than other parts of floor. This looks funny because there’s no way it should be like this in a renovated home.

7- They didn’t clean up thoroughly after themselves so there’s a large pile of dirty dirt in the middle of my backyard which I’m sure is from all the carpets they pulled off! Also, it’s very hard to get rid of this dirt now because it stained the wood and concrete underneath. I was told that if you try to get rid of it then it’ll just spread everywhere again but I don’t believe them.

How do you delete a review on thumbtack?

You can update your review to add new details or make it clearer. Contact us for any mistakes you find or typos that are driving you crazy.

How do I update a review on Thumbtack?

Thumbtack strives to provide an environment of honesty with its reviews by rarely deleting or editing them. It can add more information or photos to a review using the update option. To learn more, contact Thumbtack customer service at (866) 501-5809

How do I dispute a review on Thumbtack?

Respond to the reviews you’ve received by clicking on any review and then typing your response. Once finished, you can submit it to be posted publicly.

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