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How do you delete an iTunes account from an iPhone?


  1. Go to “Settings” icon on the iPhone’s  menu.
  2. go to the “Store” tab under “Settings.”
  3. Tap the “Sign Out” tab to exit the iTunes account and remove it from your iPhone.

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How to Remove Apple ID from iPhone

Can an iTunes account be deleted?

Yes, an iTunes account can be deleted. To delete your account, go to the Account tab in iTunes and select “Sign Out”. Next, select “Delete Account” in the pop-up window to confirm deletion.

How do I remove an Apple ID from an iPhone device list?

Go to Settings.
Select General.
Select iTunes & App Store.
Tap your Apple ID and enter your password if prompted, then tap Sign Out.

How do I delete my Itune account?

Go to the Apple ID site and click “sign in”.
Select “view account” and then “sign out”.
You will be prompted to enter your password.
You’ll now be taken to a screen where you can cancel your account.

What if my Apple ID is being used on another device?

If you are using another person’s Apple ID on your device, you will need to log into iTunes and create a new account in order to download and install apps. You can also change your Apple ID password in the Settings app on your iPhone or iPad.

Does removing a device from Apple ID delete everything?

No. Apple ID is not the same thing as iTunes or iCloud. When you remove a device from your Apple ID, you are simply removing it from being able to access any of your content on iCloud and iTunes. If you want to delete everything from that device, then you have to do it manually through iTunes or iCloud.

Can someone remotely access my iPhone?

Yes, someone can remotely access your iPhone if you have not enabled the lock screen on your phone. If you have enabled the lock screen on your phone, then a person would need to know your password in order to access it.

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