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How do you delete conversations on Smule app?


Messages you send to individuals who have previously interacted with you may still be visible in the chat window if they were previously chatted with. You are not able to manually remove conversations. Old conversations, on the other hand, will automatically expire after a set number of days.

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How to delete Smule account

Can you see who viewed your smule?

There is a direct link to SoundCloud on Quora’s website. nNo, you won’t be able to view who is listening. nIt’ll show you how many times it’s been played, but not who’s been playing it. nThe only thing you can tell from the songs’ likes and comments are the people that are liking and commenting on them.

What happens when you delete smule?

It is impossible to reverse the deletion of your account, and everything will be erased in the process. Content includes films produced by individuals using settings you uploaded to our systems.

How do I delete a phone number from Smule?

There is currently no method to update your account’s phone number. We recommend that you add alternate sign-in methods such as Facebook, Google, or email so that your account may be easier to recover.

Is smule safe?

This program has a lot of anonymity, low privacy, connections with people you don’t know, and direct messaging. This program should not be used by children because of the high risk of bullying, sexting, meeting strangers, and adult content.

How do you change the recording on Smule?

To delete a song, follow these steps: Go to your profile and select the song you’d like to modify. Then, click the Edit Song button in the upper right corner of the page. You have the option to eliminate your song after you’ve clicked this button; simply choose it.

Can you private message on Smule?

To share your recording via a message, go to the share screen and select “Message.” Tap the “Message” icon in the very left corner. You can send your recording to up to five distinct chats or people at once.

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