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How do you delete heroes on Castle Clash?


  1. Basically you need to remove the heroes crest, remove them from any areas they are used (this is usually underneath the heroes picture while on that heroes profile).
  2. After that you will be able to consume the hero.
  3. Once consumed there is no reversing it so make sure you are sure you want to get rid of him.

Castle Clash Consuming Evolved Heroes!

IGG Castle clash deleting all heros

How do you sacrifice heroes in Castle Clash?

Castle Clash is a mobile strategy game that has you building and defending your castle. You can sacrifice heroes by tapping on the hero and then tapping “Sacrifice.

How do you delete data on Castle Clash?

To delete data on the game Castle Clash, you need to go to the “Settings” tab and then click on “Clear Data.” You will then be prompted with a window asking if you want to clear all your data.

How do you get free legendary heroes in Castle Clash?

You can get free legendary heroes in Castle Clash by completing quests, tournament, and events.

Is Castle Clash shutting down?

Castle Clash is not shutting down. It is a mobile game that is still being updated and will continue to be for the foreseeable future.

Is Castle Clash better than Clash of Clans?

Castle Clash is a very popular game, but it’s not better than Clash of Clans. The two games are very different and have different features.

How do you get an epic hero in Castle Clash?

You can achieve an epic hero by completing the following tasks:
-Win Arena battles with 3 or more stars.
-Complete quests.
-Get a hero to level 40.
-Upgrade your castle to level 12.
-Get a hero to level 100.

What is the fastest way to evolve heroes in Castle Clash?

The fastest way to evolve heroes in Castle Clash is to use the Hero Evolve Potions. These potions are available at the Hero Academy and can be used on any hero. To get these potions, players need to collect Hero Tokens from the Arena or purchase them with Crystals.

How do you get prestige in Castle Clash?

In Castle Clash, you can gain prestige by completing quests. Quests provide a steady stream of resources and experience points to keep your account leveled up. You can also get resources and experience points by attacking other players in the game.

How do you reset Castle crush?

The Castle Crush app is not available in the Apple App Store or Google Play.

What are discs used for in Castle Clash?

Castle Clash is a strategy game that uses discs to provide bonuses and buffs to your troops. You can also use discs to cast spells and abilities.

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