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How do you delete Instagram messages on Jio phone?


  1. Go to the Messages tab in the Instagram app and select the message you want to delete.
  2. Tap the icon with three dots in the upper right corner and choose Delete Message.

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How to Delete Instagram account in Jio Phone.

How can I clear Instagram messages?

To clear an Instagram message, you can either delete the conversation or delete all of your messages. Deleting a conversation will remove that one conversation from your inbox, while deleting all of your messages will remove every message from your inbox.

How do I delete messages on my Jio?

In order to delete messages from your Jio, you must first open the message and then tap on the three dots in the top right corner. From there, you can select “Delete” or “Delete All.

How do you delete media on Instagram?

To delete media on Instagram, go to the profile of the user that posted the media. Click on “Photos” or “Videos” and then click on the photo or video you would like to delete. You will be able to see a trash can icon at the bottom of your screen. Clicking on it will delete the photo or video from your feed as well as from their account.

How do you delete Instagram messages on both sides?

To delete messages on both sides, you will need to delete the conversation from your Instagram account. To do so, tap on the message and select “Delete Conversation.

Why can’t I delete my Instagram messages?

You can’t delete messages on Instagram. You can only delete your own messages, but you can’t delete someone else’s message from their inbox.
Instagram is a social media app that lets you take and share photos and videos. It also has a messaging feature that lets you send private messages to other people who use the app. You can’t delete messages on Instagram because it doesn’t have a delete button for them like other apps do.

How do you delete Instagram messages on Android?

To delete a message on Android, first go to the message you want to delete. Next, tap and hold the message until it starts shaking. Then, tap on the trash can icon that appears at the top of your screen.

How do I delete messages in MyJio app?

In order to delete messages from MyJio, you will need to go into the app and tap on the three lines in the top left corner. After that, you will need to scroll down and select “Messages”. Next, you will be able to swipe left on a message and then press “Delete” at the bottom of your screen.

How do you delete chat on Jio Jiomeet?

You can delete chat on Jio Jiomeet by going to the chat and then clicking on “delete” in the top right corner, or by going to the settings and then deleting it from there.

How do I clear data on MyJio app?

To clear data on MyJio app, go to the Settings page in your phone and tap the “Privacy” option. Scroll down to find MyJio app and tap it. Tap “Clear Data” button at the bottom of the screen.

How do I check if someone has linked MyJio with his?

You can check if someone has linked Jio with his phone by going to the MyJio app and clicking on the “My Plans” tab.
If you see a green tick next to “Linked Mobile Number”, it means that your friend has linked their number and is now using Jio.

How do I delete a Jiomeet meeting?

If you’re the organizer, go to the meeting and click the “Delete” button. If you’re not the organizer, you will need to contact them through Jiomeet’s messaging system.

How do I permanently delete my call history?

To delete your call history, go to the phone’s settings and select “Call History.” There should be an option to delete a specific call. If you want to delete all of the call history, you can do so by going to “Settings” and clicking on “Phone Memory.

How do I clear space on my Jio phone?

To clear space on your Jio phone, go to Settings and then Storage. Here, you can see how much space is being used by each app. You can also delete or uninstall apps from this screen.