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How do you delete Kik messages on both sides?


  1. On Kik, you can delete individual messages or entire chats.
  2. Individual Messages: Pressing and hold the message you’d like to delete and tap Delete.
  3. Deleting a message in your chat won’t delete it from your friend’s chat since all messages a stored locally on each device.

How To Delete Messages On Messenger From Both Sides

How To Delete Kik Messages 

How do I delete my Kik messages from someone elses phone?

If you are the one who sent the messages, then you can delete them from your phone. If you are not, then there is no way to delete them without having access to the sender’s phone.

Will blocking someone on Kik delete messages?

Yes, blocking someone on Kik will delete any messages you have sent to them.

Do Kik messages disappear when you delete the app?

Kik messages do not disappear when you delete the app. However, if someone deletes their account, then all of their messages will be deleted.

Can I delete a picture I sent on Kik?

Kik does not provide a way to delete messages. However, you can delete the app and start over.

How do you delete conversations on Kik?

You can delete conversations on Kik by following these steps:
1) Open the conversation you want to delete.
2) Tap the trashcan icon in the top-right corner of the screen.
3) Tap Delete Conversation.

How do you know when someone is active on Kik?

You can tell when someone is active on Kik by looking at their profile. If they have a green dot next to their name, then they are currently on the app.

What does the 3 dots mean on Kik?

The three dots on Kik are used to indicate that the user has more messages in their inbox.

Can you tell if someone screenshots Kik?

There is no way to tell if someone has taken a screenshot of your conversation on Kik, but you can try the following:
If they are using an Android device, you can go to their chat history and see if there is a screenshot in the folder.

What does lurking mean on Kik?

Lurking is the act of observing a chat without being seen by other users. On Kik, this is done by opening a chat and not participating in it or typing anything.

Can you make video call on Kik?

Yes, you can make video call on Kik by downloading the app and following the instructions.

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