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How do you delete old YouTube videos?


  1. Go to www.youtube.com. Make sure that you are logged in.
  2. Select My Channel and then Video Manager. YouTube Video Manager page will open up and you’ll see a list of all your videos.
  3. Select the Delete option to remove video forever.

How To Delete YouTube Videos

How to recover old YouTube channel without email and password.

What happens to old YouTube videos?

Step 1. Sign into your YouTube channel and go to its Video Manager or Videos (depending on which version of YouTube you’re using). Step 2. If YouTube had to remove them, there will be a note against them in the listing. Step 3. In other words- they will be visible there, just not publicly.

How do I clean up my YouTube?

Step 1. If you are looking to clear your search history on either your Android or iPhone, you simply need to log into the app. Hit the “Library” icon. Step 2. Select History Settings step 3.  Clear Search history. Step 4. You can also clear your entire watch history here by selecting that option too.

Why are so many YouTube videos deleted?

79.6 percent violated its policies on spam, misleading content or scams, while 12.6 percent were removed for nudity or sexual content.

How long does it take YouTube to remove videos?

1. If a copyright owner finds their copyright-protected work posted on YouTube without authorization, they may schedule a takedown request for the content. 2. Once the request is validated, YouTube gives the uploader 7 days to remove the video and avoid a copyright strike. 3. If they don’t, the video is removed after 7 days.