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How do you delete plays on HUDL?


Delete plays on HUDL follow the instructions below:

  1. Log in to Hudl​.com, then hover over Play Tools and select Playbook.
  2. Select Offensive, Defensive, or Special Teams playbook.
  3. Click the play card you want to delete. Click the gear icon.
  4. Click Delete. If you’re in list view, select the gear icon.
  5. Click Remove. Once a play card is deleted, it cannot be restored.

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Here’s a step-by-step process for deleting plays from the Hudl app. It may look a little different on other devices, but you should have no problem following along with this guide. Use these steps as a reference for your device and see if it works!

A few things to note: If you’re playing an opponent who is running up-tempo, those plays will show up in your “My Games” section under the tab “In Progress.” You can’t delete those plays here — or rather, I couldn’t figure out how to. However, you CAN delete them from your account on the web by clicking the gear icon at the top right corner of your homepage and going into “Recordings.” From there, you can delete that game from your In Progress list. You may have to go back in and click “Refresh Games” to see them disappear from the app. If it’s a team you don’t have listed in your Directory, you won’t be able to delete those games because they aren’t recorded in your account. 

1.  Swipe left on the play you want to remove

2.  Tap the trash can icon at the top right of the screen

3  Click “Delete Selection” when prompted

4.  That’s it! You’re done! The play will disappear from your HUDL app with the rest of your deleted plays…unless someone else shared their copy of that same play with you. In that case, you can delete it from your Recordings section on the web! Go to hudl.com/mygames, sign in and choose “In Progress” from the drop-down menu at the top of the page. Then find the game in question and click “Delete Game.”

How do you delete videos from HUDL?

Click here to go to the Video page. Click Details next to the video you’d like to delete. If your library is listed in list view, find the video you wish to remove, then click its action menu and choose Details. In the details panel, open the action menu by clicking it. Select Delete from the drop-down menu that appears when you select a video for deletion on Hudl.com/Video

How do you delete games on HUDL?

Click here to go to myHulu.com and login using your Hulu username and password. Click Team from the menu, then Schedule. Select the event you wish to delete from the drop-down list. Click Delete to confirm your decision. To confirm that you’d want all video or data associated with that event deleted permanently, click Remove Event

How do I edit a play on HUDL?

Click the circle by a playlist’s title to open it in the library. Select a playlist by clicking the circle by its name. Click Modify and Edit Video in the drop-down menu to edit videos. Use these tools to modify clips:

How do you delete seasons on HUDL?

Log in to Hudl.com, then click Team and select Schedule. Select the season you wish to delete under Seasons. You won’t be able to remove this season anyway. Delete by clicking on it. To remove a season, confirm by selecting Delete Season again.

Does HUDL delete videos?

The video will be permanently erased from your library when you delete it. Playlists and highlights based on the video will remain in place. To manage your library, log into Hudl.com and click Video.

Can you delete a Hudl account?

If you’re a fan of highlights on Hudl, this is an excellent option for you. Highlights on your account will be permanently removed if you delete it. Remember that this cannot be reversed.

How do you delete a custom label on HUDL?

To remove a label, choose it and then hit Delete on your keyboard. To add a note to your instance, click in the Notes section. Hit Return on your keyboard to finish the procedure.

How do you add a season on HUDL?

Create a new season in Hudl.com by clicking Schedule under Team on the site’s home page. nClick Create Season. select whether you want to create a new or previous season. Check if it is set as the current season, then save it.

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