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How do you delete someone else’s Facebook account?


  1. Log into your Facebook account and click on the Account Settings button in the top right corner.
  2. Underneath your name at the top of the Account Settings page, click on Delete Profile.
  3. If the person you want to delete their account has already logged out of their Facebook account, you will be prompted to login before you can delete their profile.
  4. Once you have logged in, click on the Delete Profile button and confirm that you want to remove this person from Facebook.
  5. If the person has not logged out of their account, they will be notified via email that their profile has been deleted and will no longer be able to access or view it.

How to delete any fb account permanently


How do you report and delete someones Facebook account?

If someone you know is behaving inappropriately on Facebook, the best way to deal with it is to privately discuss the situation with them. However, if they continue to post inappropriate content or make threatening remarks, it may be necessary to report them to Facebook. Here’s how:
Log in to your Facebook account.
Click on the profile of the person you want to report.
Under “Contact Info,” click on “Report.”
Select the reason for the report and provide as much detail as possible about what happened.
Click “Submit.”
Assuming that the report is valid, Facebook will review it and take appropriate action, such as suspending or deleting their account.

How do I delete a Facebook page that is not mine?

To delete a Facebook page that is not yours, go to the Page Manager and click on the down arrow next to the page’s name. Then select Delete Page.

How many reports are needed to delete a Facebook account?

Facebook has announced that they will be deleting accounts that have been inactive for a year. Previously, Facebook only deleted accounts if they were reported by the user or someone they were friends with. This new policy means that Facebook will delete an account even if there are no reports from the user or anyone they are friends with. This change is in response to complaints from users who say that their accounts were deleted without any warning or reason.

Can you delete a Facebook account without knowing the password?

It may seem unthinkable, but you can actually delete your Facebook account without knowing the password. To do this, you’ll need to go to the Account Settings page and click on the Delete My Account link. Once there, you’ll be prompted to enter your password – but don’t worry, because Facebook will never ask you to enter it again.

What happens to a Facebook account when it is reported?

When a Facebook account is reported, the account is frozen and any new posts or messages are blocked. The account owner can then contact Facebook to have the account unlocked and reactivated.

What happens when you report someone on Facebook for being fake?

Facebook user reports another Facebook user for being fake.
The first Facebook user posts a status update about how they reported the second Facebook user for being fake.
The second Facebook user responds to the first Facebook user’s post with a video of them demonstrating how to be fake on the social media site.
The first Facebook user decides to remove the second Facebook user from their friends list because of their fraudulent behavior.

How do I report a Facebook account?

If you believe that someone is violating your privacy or engaging in other inappropriate behavior on Facebook, there are a few different ways to report them. You can go to their profile and click the down arrow next to the “Report” button, select “Privacy Violation” from the list, and fill out the form. You can also send a message directly to Facebook with the information you have about the violation. If you’re not sure how to report a violation, or if it’s something that doesn’t fit one of these categories, please contact us at [email protected]

How do I claim a Facebook page without admin?

To claim a Facebook page without admin, you will first need to login to your Facebook account. Once you are logged in, click on the Pages tab located in the left-hand navigation bar. Next, select the page you wish to claim and click on the Claim Page button located in the top right corner of the page. Finally, fill out the required information and click on the Claim Page button again.

How do you take down a Facebook page?

When you want to take down a Facebook page, there are a few different ways to go about it.
The first way is to use the Pages Manager tool. This is located in the main Facebook menu and allows you to manage all of your pages.
You can disable the page, hide it from public view, or delete it.
If you want to take down a page but don’t have admin access, you can use the Disabling Page feature. This will make the page inaccessible for everyone except people with administrator privileges.
The last way to take down a Facebook page is by deleting its content and account. You’ll need to have administrator privileges and be logged into your Facebook account.

How many reports does an account need to be deleted?

There’s no one definitive answer to this question, as it can depend on the specific policy of the social media platform you’re using. But generally speaking, if your account has been inactive for a certain period of time (usually three months), or if it has received multiple reports from other users, then it may be inadvisable to keep it active. In these cases, deleting your account may be the best course of action.

How do I delete someone else’s Facebook page 2021?

To delete someone else’s Facebook page, go to their page and click on the three lines in the top left corner of the screen. On the next screen, select “Page Settings” from the drop-down menu. Under “Privacy,” click on “Remove Page.

What happens when someone claims ownership of a Facebook page?

When someone claims ownership of a Facebook page, there are a few things that typically happen. The first is that the original owner’s content is hidden from public view, and any new posts or comments made to the page are also hidden. The second is that the page’s name and logo are changed to match the new owner’s profile picture and website address. Lastly, any followers that were added by the original owner are automatically transferred over to the new owner.

How do I find out the owner of a Facebook page?

Facebook is a social media website where people can connect with friends and family. Many businesses use Facebook to keep their followers updated on their latest news, events, and promotions. However, many times businesses don’t know who the owner of the Facebook page is. You can find out who the owner of a Facebook page is by using the “Who Is” feature. To access the Who Is feature, go to facebook.com/about/privacy/. After logging in, click on “Edit Profile” in the top right corner of your screen. Under “About Me,” you will see a section called “Contact Info.” In this section, you will see information about who created your Facebook page and when it was created. Under this section, you will also see a link called “Who’s Behind This Page.

What happens if a Facebook page has no admin?

Facebook pages without admins are deleted after 6 months.

How do Facebook accounts get hacked?

When Facebook users sign up for the social media site, they give away their email address and password. This makes it easy for someone to hack into a user’s account. There are many ways that a Facebook account can be hacked, including through phishing emails and unauthorized access to the user’s account through their computer or mobile device. Some common security tips for Facebook users include not sharing personal information such as addresses or phone numbers on Facebook, using a unique password for each site, and installing the latest security updates from Facebook.

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