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How do you delete songs from SoundCloud on Iphone?


You can delete a track by clicking the three dots icon below the waveform, and then clicking on the trash bin icon.

Please note: it is not possible for you (nor SoundCloud) to restore a track once it has been deleted from your account.

How to delete song from SoundCloud on any device phone

How to Delete Songs or All Music from iPhone, iPad, iPod 2018

The sound of music is undeniably appealing. You can listen to it while you are cooking, cleaning, or working out. But the convenience of listening to your favorite tunes on-demand comes at a cost—you are paying for every song that you stream.

The average person spends $120 per year on music streaming services like Spotify and Apple Music. That’s an expensive habit if all you want is one album! Luckily for those who don’t want to break the bank but still love their tunes, there is a cheaper alternative: SoundCloud. SoundCloud offers free and ad-supported streaming so people can enjoy their favorite songs without spending any money at all! The only downside? It’s not as popular as other services which means its app isn’t as good. But fear not, Android enthusiasts! There’s an app for that…

Soundcloud++ is a modified version of the official SoundCloud client with built-in YouTube player (titled ‘Music Player’) and downloader; it can play tracks without ads, in the background and offline; it allows you to choose music based on your mood and easily find new tracks to listen; you can share your favorite songs to Twitter and Facebook (and the app itself will do that for you), etc.

Delete songs from SoundCloud on Iphone:

1. You first need to download and install the app SoundCloud beside on your iPhone

2. You can open this app and login with your account or create a new account by signing up for free

3. After logging in you’ll see the search tab and two lists of options: Library and Live Feed

4. Click on Library > Downloaded Music > then Choose Delete button→ Select ‘ALL’ from the drop-down menu next to it, then click “Delete” under the track’s name.

How do you delete recently played?

To remove an item from your “Recently Played” list, click the three-dot menu option. Click the “Remove From Recently Played” option in the options window that appears. The item will be removed from the “Recently Played” list when you press the button.

How do you hide a song on SoundCloud?

Go to the edit page and modify your track’s sharing settings by selecting Private, Public, or Scheduled on the Basic Info page.

How do you stop a song playing on SoundCloud?

The playlist button, which has now been added to the bottom left corner next to the current song, may be found in most cases. It displays a menu of the playlist/queue and a large button for enabling or disabling autoplay when clicked.

How do you edit songs on SoundCloud mobile?

If you’re using an Android device, you can change your track description in the SoundCloud app. Simply click on the track to go to the edit section, where you may make any desired modifications.

Can you edit SoundCloud profile on iPhone?

Tap the profile photo icon in the upper right corner. 4. On an iPhone, look for “Your profile” at the top and tap it; then click “Edit profile.” For Android users, next to “View public Profile,” there’s a pencil icon they can use. SoundCloud Go+ users only have access to some of the profile settings because SoundCloud offers a paid membership level called SoundCloud Go+

Why does SoundCloud delete my songs?

Delete or takedown: The track was deleted by its owner or removed from the platform for copyright infringement. Privacy Settings: The track’s owner has made it private. If the user had changed the secret token, it would have been a secret track already since it was previously a private one.

How do I remove a song from Apple music playlist?

Answer: Tap inside a Playlist to bring up the menu, then choose “Edit” (top-right) and select the tracks you wish to remove from the Playlist (minus sign). The song will be preserved in your Library.

How do I remove songs from my iPhone playlist but not library?

Are you clicking the three dots at the top right, then “Edit” and then selecting the negative sign next to the song rather than choosing the song and using “Delete From Library”? Check out how to do it in the user guide under the topic of ” Edit a playlist you created on iPhone”: Create playlists on iPhone.

How do u remove songs from iPhone?

Open the Settings app. Tap General and then iPhone or iPad Storage. Scroll down to Music and touch it. Swipe left on any artist, album, or song. Alternatively, swipe left on All Songs if you want to eliminate all music files. Select Delete from the drop-down menu that appears after you’ve swiped left on Any Artist, Any Album, or Any Song.

How do I delete playlists from my iPhone on iTunes?

Open the Music App and go to the Library page. Select Playlists at the top of the Library tab. Tap on the playlist you wish to remove. To make changes, tap three dots at the top of your screen. Select Remove from Library from the pop-up menu. select Delete Playlist from the drop-down menu.

Does deleting a playlist delete the songs?

It is not possible to remove a Playlist (1) from your music library or (2) if the songs were downloaded to your device. It simply removes the Playlist, which is essentially nothing more than a set of links to the individual songs.

How do I create playlist on iPhone?

Open the Apple Music app on your device. Tap Library at the bottom of your screen. Playlists will be displayed. Tap New Playlist to create a new playlist. Give it a name, then add music by selecting Add Music from the drop-down menu. Tap Done or Done on Android or iOS to finish creating your playlist.

How do I change my SoundCloud email on my Iphone?

Step 1: After the last icon from the left in the tab bar at the top of the screen, click on the Vertical triple dots symbol. Then, in the drop-down menu, choose Settings. Step 2: Next, under Account settings, click Add an email address just below your current email address.

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