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How do you delete things on hay day?


When players change their current layout, they may save everything they’ve purchased in the shop. They have the option to store items one at a time or by using the store symbol: all fields and animal shelters. All machines/all service buildings are available for storage.

Hay Day: Introducing Edit Mode

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Do people cheat on hay day?

There are no real Hay Day cheat codes, hacks, cheap diamonds, free diamonds, or any other sort of game-related services. Many of these firms request you to download a program, fill out a questionnaire, or provide your Hay Day login information in exchange for free gems.

Does hay day ever end?

Unfortunately, despite all of our efforts, we believe that Hay Day Pop does not meet the high standards we have set for ourselves and our players. This final update was released to thank our loyal fans and allow you to continue playing the game until February 1st, 2021, when the servers will be shut down.

How do I edit my hay day?

Once you reach Farm level 25, the Enhance Mode option is replaced with Edit Mode, which may be accessed above the Friends Bar button. The same function for Town becomes accessible at Farm level 34, and both of them work in the identical manner. You will begin with 2 farm/town layout slots, and the active one will be labeled with a green check.

How do you get Tom on hay day?

Tom may be hired by tapping his position. When he is unlocked, he works for free for three days (time is recorded even if players do not buy anything from him). After that, diamonds may be used to pay for his services. For one day, Tom charges 15 diamonds; for five days he requests 60 diamonds; and for ten days, he asks 100 gems.

Who is Greg in hay day?

Greg is a non-player character (NPC) who begins as the player’s first buddy and is also a frequent visitor. At level 1, Greg can be unlocked. From level 25 onwards, Greg may work as a lumberjack under your command. Despite being the player’s associate, he never asks for assistance.

Is supercell killing hay day?

Another of Supercell’s soft launch products, Hay Day Pop, is being canceled. In a blog post today, the developer noted that Hay Day Pop “does not meet our own and player standards” and will receive one last update before the servers go offline.

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