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How do you delete your match account?


To stop using a website, hover your mouse over your account name at the top right of any page after logging in and click on “My Account Settings.” You can suspend or delete your profile by following the instructions on this screen.

DELETE Your Match Account/Profile Permanently!

How To Delete Match account?

Have you ever wondered what happens when you delete your match account?  Actually, that is a fair question. Many people have asked this question before and thankfully it’s an easy answer. When someone deletes their Match account they are not actually deleting the profile but rather just removing themselves from the site. This means all of their information still remains on the site including pictures, bio, etc.

As long as there is no other person who has added them to their list then they will remain visible until that person removes them or if someone else adds them to their list without knowing about the previous deletion which would result in a duplicate profile situation where there are two profiles with one being an exact copy of another with different photos but identical text describing themselves. If both accounts are set to allow messages and one views the other then that would result in a match.  

This often happens when people search for their matches and look at the profiles of people who have already viewed, liked or messaged them. They see the same person listed twice which is confusing and obviously something we want to avoid.

So what happens if someone deletes your Match account? The deletion will not affect you as long as you haven’t added them to your list because they will be removed from your list automatically once it’s deleted. However, note that after they’re removed from your list all messages they sent you before deletion will no longer be available and there is no way to bring those messages back even if you re-add them to your list.

Also, if you have sent any messages after they delete their account and before you delete them from your list (which you should) the messages will also be removed and there is no way to bring those messages back either even if they re-add you to their list after hearing from someone else about the deleted profile.

How do you delete your match account:

1) Go to https://www.match.com/

2) Click on the “Sign-In” button at the top of the screen

3) Enter your email address and password  and then click “Log In”

4) From your “Welcome From” page, select your name in the upper right-hand corner of the screen  and then choose “Settings” from the drop-down menu that appears

5) At this point you will be taken to a set of three categories – Account Info, Preferences & Settings. Under account info, there is an orange box with two options: Delete Account and Terminate Subscription Agreement  (don’t worry about what that means for now). Select Delete Account.

6) Now on the bottom right side of your screen, click “Delete Account”  and you will be prompted to enter your password again.

7) As a final step, confirm that you want to delete your account by clicking “OK” at the bottom right of the screen. You have successfully deleted your Match account!

Note: if you have added anyone to your list before deleting them they will remain there until someone else adds them or they are removed by their owner. If they are not removed by their owner then they will appear in the duplicate profile report where someone is reporting that there are two profiles with one being an exact copy of another with different photos but identical text describing themselves. If both accounts are set to allow messages and one view the other then that would result in a match.

How do I delete my Match account on my phone?

Launch the Google Play app from your home screen. Tap on the menu button, then scroll down and tap Account to reach Subscriptions.  Tap Match near the bottom of your screen, then Cancel, and again to confirm you want to cancel payments for this match through your device and Google Play account

What happens when you suspend your Match account?

When your profile is suspended, you’ll get an email notification. Your profile information will still exist on the website but members will no longer be able to view it.

How do I delete my Match account on my phone?

From your home screen, open the Google Play Store app. Navigate down to Account by tapping the menu button (three horizontal lines), then scroll down and tap it. Subscriptions should be selected. Match is next. After that, choose Cancel to stop making payments through your device and Google Play account for that application. Then select Yes to confirm you wish to cancel your payments for that software through your device and Google Play account.

How do I delete my match 2020 app?

Tap on the menu option at the top left corner of your Android app to open the menu panel. Select “Account” from the menu panel that slides out after you click on “Subscription.” To display all of your subscriptions, go to Subscription and find Match. Finally, confirm your decision by selecting Cancel before Yes.

How do I cancel match com’on Iphone?

Select Manage Subscriptions from the drop-down menu. Select Match.com as your subscription. At the bottom of the screen, choose Cancel Subscription and confirm your decision.

Can you cancel match com anytime?

All purchases made are non-refundable, as declared clearly in the Terms and Conditions of Match. If you wish to cancel a subscription before its renewal date, you must do so three days prior.

Can I cancel my Match subscription early?

If you decide to cancel your membership, go to ‘My account settings’ and change your settings. You have a 14-day cooling-off period on any subscription purchase. Our Customer Care team will gladly assist you in requesting a refund or exchange if you ask for it.

Can I hide my Match profile?

Tap the “Profile” icon at the bottom of the screen. At the top of your profile page, tap the gear symbol. Select Visible, Hidden, or Private Mode under “Profile Visibility” for how you want others to be able to access your profile.

How do I delete my Tinder account and start over?

It’s possible that for many people, the number one reason they delete their account is because they don’t want to receive anymore push notifications. However, it may be due to your Tinder app freezing or just not working properly on your phone altogether. To completely remove your account, go to the “Settings” option in the app’s menu and scroll down until you reach “Delete Account.” Confirm by tapping “Delete My Account.” Remove the Tinder application from your phone. If you were a subscriber to Tinder Plus, Gold, or Platinum, you’ll need to use a different Google Play account or Apple ID.

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