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How do you delete your TextFree app?


Delete TextFree app follow the instructions below:

  1. TextFree ”Settings”
  2. Tap “Get Help”
  3. Tap “Continue to Close Account”
  4. Select a reason for wanting to close your account.
  5. Tap the red ‘Close Account’ to finalize the closing of your account.

How to delete Textfree app account?

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It’s a little trickier with certain devices and versions. Here are the details:

iPhone running iOS 7 – You will be unable to receive messages until connectivity is restored; however, you can send offline messages right away as long as you don’t accidentally wipe them off-screen before sending. Once online again, all of your sent offline messages should arrive normally. They may also show up in your Drafts folder (if not yet deleted) while you were offline until delivered by the network automatically once connectivity is available (similarly with Textfree for iPad on iOS 7.) There is no “Sent” banner for sent offline messages on your iPhone; if you send a message offline, it will be in the Drafts folder after reconnecting.

iPhone running iOS 8 – You can only send messages online or while connected to wifi, so those are the two options you’ll have until they reach Textfree’s servers. If you’ve tried sending an offline message and get this error: “We’re sorry! The server is unable to process your request at this time” then it means that your account settings aren’t set up properly. Please contact us at [email protected] and we’d be happy to sort out any problems you may encounter with using TextFree!

iPad running iOS 7 – Sending messages works as on an iPhone, but there’s no “Sent” banner at the top and messages can be retrieved from both Sent and Drafts. Receiving offline messages works similarly to the iPhone; you should get them once you’re back online with connectivity. If not, they may have gone into your Drafts folder until delivered automatically when connectivity is available.

iPad running iOS 8 – Messages sent while offline go into your drafts instead. Offline messaging works just like it does for iPhones on iOS 8 (see above). Unfortunately, we haven’t been able to find a way yet to indicate if a message was sent while offline or not on this device so that users know whether their message has gone through — similar to how it works for iPhones running iOS 7 where there is no “Sent” banner. The only way to tell is if it shows up in your Sent folder or Drafts folder, and since that can happen in both cases there’s no way to tell from the app (yet.)

Android — You should be able to receive messages while offline but will not be able to send them until connectivity returns. They’ll show up in your Sent folder after they have been sent when online again. If you’ve tried sending an offline message and get this error: “We’re sorry! The server has failed to send your message at this time.” then it means that your account settings aren’t set up properly. Please contact us at [email protected] and we’d be happy to sort out any problems you may encounter with using TextFree!

How do you delete your TextFree app:

Step 1: Go to your Home screen and swipe left or right. Find TextFree app icon on screen. Tap the TextFree app icon.

Step 2: Enter your passcode if you have one set up, otherwise, touch “settings” after “device > textfree” is highlighted green. Touch the green button that reads “delete.” Touching it will confirm that you want to delete the app and your phone will start deleting it. The deleted application will disappear from the list of applications in less than a minute, depending on how many apps are present on your device at any given time . You can now reinstall Textfree by following instructions above (steps 2-4). If you experience any problems, please contact us.

Step 3: After deleting TextFree application, go to the App Store and download it again by searching for “TextFree.” You will be taken to the new version of TextFree. Proceed with registration using your existing phone number or you can create a new one if yours is not available in our database. This will allow you to verify your previous TextFree session based on the number used when signing up. If no number was used during signup then both the registered user email address and password must be verified to proceed through the re-verification process.

Can TextFree app be traced?

After using TextFree on your phone, no traces of the app will remain.

Does TextNow delete your account?

There is no way to “delete your account“. TextNow states they are unable for legal reasons to delete your account, but you can log in and remove personal information from the site.

How do I delete my credit card?

Go to https://www.textfree.com/my-account Select Account settings from the menu Click Delete Credit Card Enter your password when prompted Accept removal by clicking OK button
Note: that after deleting a credit card, you’ll lose access to calling minutes for countries using that currency until you add another one. If you also use international phone numbers in this currency in other apps (like Skype) it may disrupt that functionality until you add another credit card to your account.

Can I use TextFree in offline mode?

Yes and no. It depends on what device you’re using, and which version of the app. Most versions of Textfree can send messages when not connected to a network but will be unable to receive messages unless they try again once there is connectivity. Before sending a message while offline, hold down the message (don’t swipe it away) to see whether it was sent or not. If it was successful, you’ll see a “Sent” banner at the top; if it didn’t go through, there won’t be anything except the Send button itself after releasing your hold. You can also re-send the message while online to make sure it goes through, or delete it from the Sent folder (since you can still get them if they came in.

How do you remove messages from an individual conversation thread?

Textfree keeps your messages on our servers until you’ve had a chance to download them, up to 6 months after they were sent. If there are messages you want going right away once they’re deleted by one user, either don’t mark them as unread (on iPad only), or turn off delivery receipts. To turn off delivery receipts, go to Settings > Account tab and select “Do Not Send Delivery Reports”, or if you’re on an iPhone, tap the email address associated with your Textfree account at the top of the conversation window.

How do I permanently delete my textfree account?

Delete your data. Here’s how to permanently delete your account and personal information: Click here to delete your account and personal information. We’ll manually remove your account and private data if you contact us directly.

Is textfree a safe app?

TEXTFREE UNLIMITED helps customers text as much as they want without increasing their phone bill. The software’s dependability was good. We didn’t have any “dark” phases when testing, regardless of the time.

Is TextNow safe to use?

TextNow is not allowed in the SmartSocial Red Zone, which means that it should only be used by adults with supervision. TextNow has been used to target youngsters by predators, therefore it’s always best to keep small children away from cell phones and other technology.

How long does a TextFree number last?

Your number will be deactivated after 30 days of inactivity, as stated in our terms. “Inactivity” refers to a 30-day period during which you have not sent a message or made an outgoing phone call.

Does TextFree show your real number?

Textfree also gives you a real US phone number with which to interact with anyone, even if they don’t have the app. The phone number they give is valid for good. Users may make calls within the United States and Canada using this program without incurring any charges. With free texting in 35 countries,

Can you delete your TextNow account?

You can’t get rid of your account. TextNow claims that because to legal reasons, they are unable to delete your account. It is recommended that you modify or remove all of your personal information, especially your email address, in order to render it ineffective to them.

How do I reactivate my TextFree account?

At this moment, TextFree users are unable to reactivate their accounts on their own. Please provide the following information to our support staff so we may help you with account activation: Your TextFree phone number. The email address you used to create your account.

How do I cancel my unknown subscription?

Cancel the subscriptions by emailing the service providers. If that isn’t an option, look back over your bank statements for a year. Look out for recurring charges you forgot about or thought were fraudulent. Cancel them via the websites of the services or by emailing them.

Can police track a TextNow number?

Police can now access your email address and first and last name, as well as your IP address, through TextNow. Kik, Blendr, or Whisper are some of the most popular chat apps. They don’t have a phone number connected with them.

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