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How do you delete your Tumblr account?


  1. Log into your Tumblr account and select “Deactivate Account.”
  2. Type in the code “deletetumblr” and hit the button.
  3. Your Tumblr account will be deleted and you will need to re-enter your password if you want it back.
  4. If you have any questions, please contact support atTumblr.com.

How To Delete Your Tumblr Account

How To Delete Tumblr Account from Iphone

How do I Delete my Tumblr account on the app?

If you want to delete your Tumblr account on the app, there are a few steps you need to take. You can find the step-by-step guide on our website. However, please be aware that deleting your Tumblr account can have negative consequences, so be sure to take care before doing so.

Why can’t I Delete my Tumblr account?

Tumblr is a social media platform that allows users to share and view content. If someone deletes their Tumblr account, their content could be lost forever. This can be a big problem for people who have a lot of content to share and are hoping to keep their account active.

How do you deactivate or Delete Tumblr?

If you’re considering deleting your Tumblr account, there are a few things to keep in mind. First,Tumblr is a free service that you can use for up to three months after creating it. After that, you’ll need to sign in with your username and password to continue using the site. Second, if you decide to deactivate your account, be sure to do so carefully. Deleting your Tumblr account can result in lost data and money – so be sure to take care!

How do I Delete my Tumblr account on mobile 2022?

If you’re looking to delete your Tumblr account on mobile in 2022, here are some tips to help get started. Deletion is easy and can be done through the app or website. Here are a few tips:

-VisitTumblr.com for guidance: This website has a guide that walks you through deleting your account on mobile.
-Delete yourTumblr profile on the app: This will take you to a page where you can set up your deletion process.
-Add an end date to your account: Make sure to add an expiration date so that no one can access your account after that time has passed.

Is Tumblr safe?

Tumblr is a social networking website that has been around for two years. It was founded by Andrew Kreisberg and Max Woodbury. The website has over 300 million users who use it to share photos, articles, and messages. While there have been some reports of user safety concerns on Tumblr, most users seem to be safe and happy using the site.

Can I deactivate my Tumblr temporarily?

If you want to deactivate your Tumblr account temporarily, here are some tips to help make the process easier:

  1. Logout of your Tumblr account and then log back in. This will clear your cache and prevent any future changes to your account.
  2. Open theTumblrDeactivationToolbar and click on the “deactivate my Tumblr” button.
  3. Enter yourTumblrEmail address in the “email address” field and click on the “submit” button.
  4. You will be asked to provide some basic information about yourTumblr account, such as your name, email address, and password. After you have completed these steps, you will be able to deactivate your account with a simple press of a button!

Did Tumblr shut down?

Tumblr, a social media platform popular among millennials, shut down on September 27th. The shutdown was caused by its owners, Tumblr Inc., not being able to renew its service agreement with Google. This has left many users wondering why their favorite blog platform went offline. Some believe that Tumblr may have been shut down due to its financial instability, while others believe that it was simply unable to renew its license agreement with Google. Regardless of the cause, the shutdown has leftTumblr users feeling lost and frustrated.

Did Tumblr get deleted?

Tumblr was last deleted on Feb. 14th, 2019. The website’s founder Tumblr, who is now known as Darlene Slatkin, has said she deletion was motivated by the site’s growing popularity within the queer community and its lack of advertiser support. The site had been up for less than a year before it went offline.

How do I find my old Tumblr account?

tumblr is a website where users can post, view and share photos and videos. To find your old Tumblr account, you first need to login to the website and then browse through the content. If you have used an account from earlier than October 15, 2013, it may be easier to find your account by searching for “Tumblr” in the website’s search bar.

Why did Tumblr terminated my account?

Tumblr, a popular social media platform, terminated my account because I violated its terms of service. Tumblr is a content management system (CMS) that helps you share and manage your online content. When I reached out to Tumblr for comment on my account termination, they said that my account had been terminated for violating their terms of service. They did not give me any reasons why the account was terminated. This type of violation can lead to your account being termination if it is repeated.

How long until Tumblr deletes your account?

Sometimes, when an inactive Tumblr account has been unused for more than two years, Tumblr will release it. They’ll send a warning email to the account owner before releasing it so they have time to log in again and keep the username.

How do I delete my Tumblr on the app?

1. Log in to your Tumblr account.
2. Click on the ‘Account’ icon.
3. Select from your list of blogs the one you want to delete.
4. On the iOS app.
5. Choose ‘Delete’. On the Android app.
6. Select the gear icon (settings).
7. Chose ‘Delete this Tumblr’.

Why can’t I delete my Tumblr account?

To cancel your Tumblr account, go to the settings page. You can’t delete your account using the Tumblr app for mobile devices. Only the Tumblr website allows you to delete your account. Your primary Tumblr blog is also deleted after you cancel it.

Will deleting a Tumblr account delete all user information?

To remove your account, log in to your dashboard and go to the Blogs page. Select each of the blogs you want to delete and then click Delete. You’ll be asked whether you’re sure you want to do this; if you’re not sure, keep it! If all of your blogs were deleted at once, they wouldn’t be permanently erased from Tumblr’s servers like other social network sites. However, any of them could potentially get recreated at a later time because their content is stored on the cloud (in other words: the internet). Once these secondary blogs are gone for good, it may take some time before new ones appear.

Does Tumblr track what you view?

To identify a browser, websites may utilize code. Tumblr keeps track of the type of browser you’re using, as well as the version and operating system. This indicates whether you’re browsing from a mobile device or a computer to a Tumblr page.

What happens if you block someone on Tumblr?

What Does Blocking Do? The most important thing to note about blocking someone on Tumblr is that it limits your ability to interact with them in any way. He won’t be able to see anything from you in your dashboard, and you won’t be able to access him in yours. He won’t be able to communicate with you in any other way, either.

Does deleting Tumblr account delete messages?

After you accept the deletion request, your likes, messages, and primary blog material will be permanently deleted from the site. The only exception to this is if you make group blog contributions. These will continue to be available.

Can you delete your primary blog on Tumblr?

Select “Deactivate your account” to deactivate it. In the upper-right corner of the page, click “Delete [your blog’s name].” If it says “Delete everything,” you’re on your Primary blog – you can’t remove your Primary blog without also deleting your entire account.

Can you delete tinder account?

Tap on Delete My Account in the app’s settings to remove your Tinder account. If you delete your account, your Tinder profile will be removed as well as any matches and conversations you’ve made. You may also hide your profile from the Discovery area of the app so that others won’t notice it.

How do you delete Reddit account?

Go to your Reddit account. Click the user symbol in the upper-right corner and choose ‘User Settings’ from the drop-down menu. Select ‘Deactivate Account’ at the bottom of the page. Rephrase your login information and, if desired, provide an explanation for deleting your Reddit account.

Does deleting Tumblr delete posts?

When you decide to remove your Tumblr blog or account, everything inside it is deleted. This does not, however, imply that any reblogged material from you is removed as well.

Can you delete discord account?

On a computer, you may just deactivate your account. It is not as simple to do so on a mobile device. There is presently no method to cancel or delete an account from a smartphone. Open the Discord app on your phone or tablet and select the Cog icon in the lower right corner for User Settings. nTap My Account after that to see your settings.