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How do you erase an iPhone without the password?


Erase an iPhone without the password follow the instructions below:

  1. Back up your iPhone, because all the data will be erased by a factory reset.
  2. Connect your phone to your computer with the USB cable and launch iTunes.
  3. Click on ‘Restore iPhone’.
  4. From the iTunes dialogue box.
  5. Click ‘Restore’.

How to Remove Forgotten Passcode of ANY iPhone

How to reset disabled or Password locked iPhones 6S u0026

You’ve probably heard of the iCloud hack. You know, when someone hacks into your phone by guessing or knowing your password and they get all of your private information including bank accounts, email passwords, etc? It’s a scary thought! But it can also be frustrating because you don’t always know what to do about it. That is if you even knew how to erase an iPhone without the password in the first place. Luckily I have some tips for that too! Read on…

How to Erase an iPhone without a Password.

1. Reset Network Settings on your device: In order to do this, you will need to access the phone’s “general” section in settings. Setting > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings is all it takes! Keep in mind, you may need a Wifi connection to complete this task as you will not be able to connect through your carrier until passwords are re-entered and profiles restored. This process will only erase the network information from your phone and not delete any of your personal information which can be helpful if someone has gained access using your password and you need time without them having full access to everything on your device. If guesses or knows your iCloud password, this is the first step you should take. You will also need to change your password or provide a valid iCloud ID/Apple ID before restoring your devices profile.

2. Erase All Content and Settings: This process can be done by accessing “settings” then “general” then “erase all content and settings.” This option will erase everything on your phone without any passwords or approval which means it will remove all data including personal information, photos, etc. If you are looking to erase your device completely for whatever reason, this is the best option to do so because there are no other options after doing this! Keep in mind that an iCloud account must be signed into before following through with this step.

3. Erase Data on the Device: This option can be done by selecting “erase data on the device” under settings>general>Reset>Erase all Content and Settings. Keep in mind, this will only work if you have not yet done step 2 so make sure you do that before attempting this step! This is helpful for those who are trying to sell their device or simply need it erased without having to erase everything with steps 1 or 2.

How do I factory reset my iPhone without Apple ID?

How to Remove Your iPhone’s Apple ID: Step 1: Open the Settings app on your phone. Step 2: Select “Reset > Erase All Content and Settings” from the drop-down menu. Step 3: When prompted, type in your passcode and then select “Erase iPhone.”

Can you wipe an iPhone without Apple ID password?

You can’t. To do so, you must first sign out of iCloud on the device using your active AppleID. And that necessitates the use of your AppleID password.

How do I factory reset my iPhone without a password or computer?

Go to the Settings app, then General, then Reset, and finally Erase All Content and Settings on your iOS device. It will take a few minutes to finish. nOpen Safari or any other browser on one of your devices > Go to icloud.com > Log in using your Apple ID and password.

How do I remove an old owner’s Apple ID from my iPhone?

Go to iCloud.com and sign in. Go to Find My iPhone and select “All Devices” to view a list of devices linked to their account, then choose the one you want deleted. To remove the device from your account, click “Remove from Account.”

How do I clear my old iPhone to sell?

Open the Settings app on your iPhone or iPad. Now go to General and choose it. Scroll all the way down and select Reset. Choose Erase All Content and Settings after that. After that, tap Erase Now. Enter your Passcode to confirm your choice.

How do I bypass Apple ID password?

Visit Apple’s official website and select “Forgot Apple ID or password” under the “Forgotten your password?” heading. Fill out the form with your Apple ID information. Select “Reset my password” from the drop-down menu, then click Continue to reset your account passwords. Choose how you want to reset your password.

How do you reset an iPhone without knowing the password?

You can reset an iPhone even if you don’t know the password by putting it into “recovery mode” or erasing it using Find My. If you don’t know what your iPhone’s password is or it’s been disabled, you’ll have to set it up again. You may restore data on your iPhone after resetting it using an iCloud backup.

How do you erase a locked iPhone?

Hold down the sleep/wake button and the Home button simultaneously for a hard reset on your phone. Continue to press the buttons until the “Connect to iTunes” screen appears on your phone. Select “Restore” from the iTunes window on your computer to wipe all of your information off of it.

Is there another way to reset an iPhone?

On this type of model, hold down the side button for 2 seconds. Then press and quickly release the volume up button, press and quickly release the volume down button, then press and hold the side button. When the Apple logo appears, release the button.

How do you unlock an iPhone without the passcode or face ID?

Swipe down on your control panel while covering your camera Face ID. Turn off your, Wi-Fi, Data and Bluetooth. Enter into you calculator, type in a decimal place. Turn your phone sideways to enter scientific mode, press “IN”, then Press “Rand”

Does a factory reset Remove Find My iPhone?

Find My Phone is not disabled when you perform a factory restore. Only turning it off before the device was restored, or knowing the password to the Apple ID that enabled it. When you’ve erased your phone, it should request permission to access your Apple ID and turn Find My iPhone off.

How do I factory reset my phone if it’s locked?

To power down the device, hold down the button and press and release the volume up button. Now you should see “Android Recovery” written on the top together with some options. Go through the choices pressing the volume down button until “Wipe data/factory reset” is selected.

Can you remove Apple ID from iPhone?

On an iPhone or iPad, open the Settings app and go to iTunes & App Store. Tap your name at the top of the screen. Select Account from the menu on the left side of the page. Scroll down and tap Delete Account under My Apps & Activities. Enter your Apple ID password when prompted, then select Sign Out from the drop-down menu next to it. Then go to Settings > iTunes & App Store > Apple ID > Sign Out.)

How do you unlock a phone without knowing the password?

After you’ve tried to unlock your phone numerous times, it will show “Forgot pattern.” Tap Forgot pattern. nnEnter the Google Account username and password you previously added to your phone. nnReset your screen lock if necessary. Learn how to set a screen lock.

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