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How do you log out of Reddit app?


Log out of Reddit app follow the instruction below:

Is it possible to log out of the app Click on your profile, then user name. The logout button is next to the user name.

How to log out of the Reddit app for beginners! (2020)

How To Delete Reddit Account on Mobile 

It’s a question that plagues many an internet user. Whether you’re using the official Reddit app or one of its competitors, there are two ways to close your session and log out. The first is available in both versions: press the menu button followed by “logout.” This will take you back to the main screen where, if this is your last visit, it’ll show up as “logged out.” If not, then select “logout” again for another pop-up window asking if you want to really logout. Pressing yes on this final prompt will send you back to the home screen with a message confirming that your account has been logged out successfully. For those who don’t want to go through the menu options, there’s a settings option in the action bar that will take you to a logout prompt as well. Simply press “log out” and choose whether you want it to be your last time on Reddit or not.

In addition, those who are using Alien Blue can now log out from within the app by going to their profile page and pressing “Log Out.” While this method doesn’t work for Redditcom, it does for all other third party apps.

The second way of logging out is through your phone or tablet’s settings itself. The following methods apply to Android only:

How do I logout of all devices on Reddit?

Clicking on the account activity link beneath the “recently viewed links” box on the right side will bring you to a page where you can view your account’s recent activities. It includes information about your IP address and when you accessed the site last, as well as a logout link.

Can you use Reddit app without logging in?

Simply replace the www part of the URL with your old one, such as https://www.reddit.com/r/windows10/. Instead of visiting the previous version of Reddit, you may also access the desktop site. Some mobile browsers already support this without requiring any additional configuration; these include Brave and Firefox.

How do you log someone out of Reddit?

To log out of your Instagram account, go to your profile and select Logout. You must first access your account via the gear symbol in the upper-right corner, then choose Logout. Unfortunately, logging out does not really log you out; as a result, you won’t be able to use that account without a password.

Can you log into Reddit on multiple devices?

Yes, You can access your account on different devices using the same password.

How do I log into Reddit without an account?

Simply replace the “WWW” of the URL with the old platform’s domain to access the “old” Reddit. Then, after changing it back to https://old.reddit.com/r/windows10/, paste it into your browser and hit refresh a few times until it comes up correctly. Anyone on the computer can use it.

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