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How do you permanently delete an iCloud account?


  1. Head to Apple’s data and privacy webpage login.
  2. Log in to the account you’d like to delete.
  3. Toward the bottom.
  4. Click on Request to delete your account.
  5. Make sure you want to delete your account and double-check backups of your data.
  6. Double check if you have any subscriptions with your Apple ID.

How to Permanently Delete Your iCloud Account

How to Delete an iCloud account

Is it possible to change iCloud email address?

Although you can delete an iPhone address, you cannot modify it. You can only make a new Apple account with your desired icloud.com email address. If you create a new account, all data must be manually transferred from the old to the new account, and you lose access to previous purchases.

How do I delete an iCloud account from my iPhone without a password?

You can’t leave or delete an account without knowing the login credentials. That’s just good security practice. As a result, you’ll need to reset the password and recover the account first.

Does iCloud have recently deleted?

On iCloud.com, go to https://www-us.apple.com/accountsettings/manageappdiskspace and sign in with your Apple ID and password to see Recently Deleted at the bottom right of the window. To restore all of the data, click Recover All or pick each file you want to recover, then choose Recover.

What happens when you cancel iCloud?

The process of deleting a user from an iPhone is relatively simple, and as long as you follow these steps carefully, it should not result in data loss. Here’s how to do it: Tap Settings General Profile Name.

What happens to iCloud if I stop paying?

If you stop paying for iCloud storage, you’ll get a pop-up on your phone prompting you to pay. If you refuse, you’ll have 30 days to retrieve your data from the cloud before it’s permanently erased.

What happens to my data if I stop paying iCloud?

When you cancel your iCloud storage plan, Apple reduces your account to the free 5 GB. If you have more than 5 GB of data in iCloud, Apple generally does not delete it for another 30 days. If you do not act within 30 days, Apple will begin deleting your iCloud data.

Does factory reset remove iCloud?

Yes, your iPhone’s factory reset will not alter your iCloud account. If you wish to re-establish your iPhone, you’ll be given the option to connect it to your iCloud account if necessary. Backups from iCloud may also be restored on an iOS device. The only impact that a factory reset has on the phone is that it deletes all of its data.