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How do you reset a Pokemon save file?


There are a few different ways to reset a Pokemon save file.

  1. You can delete the save file from your device. This will erase all of your progress in the game, so make sure you have backed up any important data.
  2. You can use a cheating device to edit your save file and change it’s name or other details.
  3. You can start a new game on the same device and overwrite your old save file with the new one.

How To Reset/Delete Your Pokemon Save File

How to DELETE your SAVE FILE in Pokemon Sword and Shield!

How do you reset a Pokemon save file?

To delete your saved game, boot up the game first. When the intro movie is playing in-game, press the Up and X buttons on your controller simultaneously to skip it. Once you’ve skipped it, Press A and B buttons together to prompt a dialog that’ll let you delete all save data.

How do I delete my Pokemon White save file?

To delete a game, navigate to the main screen of the game (where it lists your roster and tells you to press “start”) and shake up, select, and b at the same time. This will bring up some menus that will enable deletion of your data.

How do you start over a Pokemon sword?

To return to the Home menu, press the Home button on your right Joy-Con. To play a new game, select Pokémon Sword or Shield from the main menu. Have fun!

How do you delete a Pokemon save file?

To delete a save file in this game, press and hold the X button, the B button (above the A button), and UP on the control pad. Once you do these buttons, it will ask if you want to delete your save file. Select Yes or Cancel to proceed with deleting your game save.

How do you erase a Pokemon game?

If you’re talking about the original Pokemon games, then you’ll need to use a computer to delete the game from your old Nintendo Gameboy. You can also get new copies of Pokemon games and start over.

How do you delete a save file on Yuzu sword?

Yuzu sword is a game for the Nintendo Switch. To delete a save file, you need to go to the home menu and select “System Settings” then choose “Users.” You should see your profile on the list, so find it and press A. On this page, you should see your save data. To delete it, just press X on the right side of it.

How do you erase a save file on Pokemon Black?

The save file for Pokémon Black can be deleted by deleting the following two files:
~/Library/Application Support/Nintendo//
This will delete everything from your game, including any saved games.

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