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How do you reset fashion story?


You can’t restart, but you can transfer the game you have now to another device and than begin a new one on your current device. You can’t restart, but you can transfer the game you have now to another device and than begin a new one on your current device.

Fashion Story How To Transfer Your Game To A New Device

Download Fashion Story Christmas | How to download deleted fashion story editions

Fashion Story takes around 2-3 hours to keep its story going. If you give it a rest for a little while, the fashion story will start over. This is why after being worn so many times, you have to replenish your closet with different clothes each time you play Fashion Story.

In order for Fashion Story to save and present your creative work properly, we want to make sure that there’s always something new and creative that can be shown off on your followers and followers’ feeds! So every few hours the game will need to take a little break before getting back into the creative flow of watching meets wearing outfits and creating custom ensembles. As long as you make sure every time one story comes close to ending (with or without your help!), you can be sure that there will always be new outfits to wear in Fashion Story!

For the most part, the outfit is random. It’s possible that it could be what you’re looking for or not, but if you do get one of the items you wanted/needed, please keep in mind that they are extremely rare.

You need to log out and log back in. When Fashion Story starts over it usually pulls an outfit from the closet before starting with a new look so this may work for getting previous looks back. If not then try removing a piece of clothing from your closet and saving them to see if they appear. Lastly, close down all other apps running on your device as well as restarting the device to see if that helps too.

How can we get hair accessories in high school design category of fashion story?

The Hair Band category is specifically for headbands and bows. These accessories are made of ribbon and fabric.

What shirt designs are available for spring and summer season in Fashion Story?

The Spring/Summer Collection offers 3 new shirt designs.
We love the baseball tee with the high v-neckline that is perfect for layering or wearing on its own. Dress it up with a blazer for work or co-ordinate it with denim shorts and flats for play!
The plaid shirt is an essential staple in any closet, this season’s design features plaids in soft pastels so you can enjoy the warm weather around town.
The bright sunflower print button down shirt is perfect to brighten your day! Throw it over some white jeans and revel in the compliments of friends and strangers alike!

Where can we find black and white trousers in Fashion Story?

Black and white trousers can be found in the daywear section of Fashion Story. If you are looking for a specific style of pants, I recommend browsing the store’s brand overview to find what you are looking for if it is available.

What is the red card that say shop in Fashion Story?

It seems like you don’t understand Fashion Story. The idea of Fashion Story is to design and outfit items in patterns and colours that coordinate with the season. Making a mistake like this will make it impossible for your story to move forward, because “shop” on our Red Card stands for all that Fashion Story has to offer: Clothing, Shoes & Accessories! Without these pieces, you can’t really put together an outfit on your own – let alone project one on your Fashion Model! Check back again on Monday to get Fashion Week invitations from stores around the world where you can show off how much shopping have done in-game.

How do you reset fashion story in Summer OOTD?

For a Summer Old-Outfit-That’s-Different, mix up your colors and patterns. Follow the weather by choosing light fabrics for hot days or colorful fabric with lots of different textures during cooler seasons.

Designer Marisa Scott created a bright and bold shirt dress for the summer. She used the bright colors of blue, pink and orange to contrast with her dark denim jeans. The soft cotton weave fabric makes this outfit perfect for the warmer weather. For colors and patterns, she kept accessories simple: just a pair of gold earrings and leather brown belt.

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