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How do you retake on Pottermore?


  1. Go to my account menu.
  2. Below support there is an option to delete your account.
  3. After deleting it create a new account with the same email.
  4. Take the quiz again and again for as long as you need.

I’ve heard a lot of people asking this question now that the house cup is over and they can start getting back on their regular update schedule. The answer to this is you simply don’t. You do not re-take Pottermore’s quizzes or activities, you just keep answering them the same way as before in order to maximize your strengths and minimize your weaknesses. This will show you how much progress has been made towards ‘mastering’ each skill by showing all of the extra skills earned after every few sessions (every eight questions).

How does my total grade change per skill?

The short answer is that it doesn’t. The long answer is that there are achievement tiers for each skill as well as a progress meter showing how much work you need to do in order to reach mastery status for each one. Even when retaking Pottermore only shows “6/7” in the progress meter for each area, that isn’t the actual number you need to reach. Each skill has 7 sections (that can be divided up into smaller parts depending on how it’s done) which have a maximum of 6 questions in each; These combine together to make up your total grade. You only actually need 4/7 or 66% for total completion but because I don’t want to come out and say that some skills are easier than others (because they’re not). I

‘m going to say that it takes at least 80% in each skill area for the total grade to count and this seems about right from what I’ve seen so far.

So again, although there are different sections for each skill, no matter how you divide them up, your final grade only matters on whether or not you finish all of them in a given session/attempt. What is nice however that when retaking Pottermore most people seem to have an easier time with the harder sections they already did and because of this don’t even need to complete that section anymore which speeds up their score; On my first try I didn’t get close to 100% but by my third attempt I got 99% after just 1 hour! Another reason why I don’t think it’s important to worry about where you’re scoring your percentages from is because it shouldn’t matter anyway if you’re trying to get the maximum score. Even if you do the best on one section and worst on another, it’s still going to average out in the end.

Does reading with a dictionary count as cheating?

Well, I don’t condone any type of cheating or breaking of rules unless it helps you progress faster towards your goals which is why I used my dictionary so much during that first attempt; Having said that though I’m almost positive there are no actual rules against using a basic online/printed dictionary but beyond that anything else including Google results probably crosses the line. This is why I recommend putting them off until after you’ve finished each skill area for now because by then you will have mastered enough vocabulary words where this shouldn’t be too big an issue anymore. Not only will you have picked up tons of new vocabulary that can be used later but in general will pick up on more complicated ways to express yourself as well.

I do want to address this because I’ve seen some people say they won’t use a dictionary unless it’s an “official” one and although there are plenty of these online, personally I prefer using the Oxford Dictionary or even Collins if I had access too them; These are just personal preferences however because something like Merriam-Webster is also good for beginners and if all else fails Google always has a definition for almost anything.

The reason why I recommend against using any unofficial dictionaries for your first attempt is because none of the definitions provided seem very official to me and some are even inaccurate. I’ve had issues with definitions for words such as a <b> which were listed as an American spelling on my first attempt but is shown as the British style in the new layout; This seems like something that should be fixed right away because it’s misleading and confusing to people learning English so politely send an owl to JK Rowling about this issue and see what she says about it.

How do you retake on Pottermore?

1. Go to my account menu.
2. Below support there is an option to delete your account.
3. After deleting it create a new account with the same email.
4. Take the quiz again and again for as long as you need.

Why can’t you retake the Pottermore quiz?

You can’t retake the Pottermore quiz because the point of them is to get the right answer, and you aren’t allowed to take it again after getting a different result.

How many times should I retake Pottermore?

As many times as possible! The more times you take it, the better chance you have at picking up new skills in every area. If you have a high attention span, then take it as many times in one sitting as possible. I did mine in about an hour and a half, which is way too long! But also if you can break up each skill into short sessions of 8-10 questions (or 16 if you’re brave enough to do that at night) and leave little breaks between them it will be easier on your brain. It’s not something that tax most people too much but if you don’t give yourself proper breaks or rest from the challenge between sections/quizzes then you’ll overwork your mind and probably get frustrated. Again, with attention spans of 5 minutes or less these days this isn’t really an issue for most people anymore so just keep at it!

What do you recommend doing during those “down time” moments?

I recommend using them think about what you’re going to do next (as much as possible) or even taking quick notes of any plot points, characters or other details that seem important at the time. Sometimes certain parts will repeat especially when it comes to names for example when you’re reading up on someone new or even if a character is mentioning several people whose names seem to sound similar.
Another thing I found out the hard way was that after reading one section, forget about going back and re-reading what you’ve already read; That’s one of the worst things because it wastes time and makes everything take longer than it has to; In fact I plan on only going over anything I might have missed once right before I finish off a skill area so that doesn’t happen. It seems like common sense but don’t be lazy!

What do you recommend doing for the “extra credit” readings (beyond what’s required)?

I recommend trying to pick something important, relevant or fun to read and try to find time for all of them; If this is proving difficult however then I would suggest focusing on one at a time and making sure it gets done because otherwise that extra credit will go untaken. It’s okay if you don’t end up getting through everything in your own time but be sure to save some of those articles/books right off the bat so you remember them later on; Better yet make notes as soon as possible about any details that seem interesting or are related to things we’ve already covered (this is to prevent forgetting details). For those of you who are just as bad with names and places as I am, then I recommend jotting them down along with any notes about their significance if possible just to keep things clear and simple (if you’ve got the time for it) because this way you can go back over everything later on and get a quick refresher before you don’t need it anymore.

Any tips for completing assignments?

I recommend making sure that everything is clearly written out in your own words without looking at any of the answer choices provided; This will allow you to come up with the best answers possible instead of simply copying what’s there which doesn’t help anyone learn or improve. The more information provided in your own words the better so be sure to also include any explanations!
In addition I recommend starting with the easiest questions first because then you’ll often find that as you answer them, more relevant information will come to mind for the harder questions and answers; If it doesn’t work out right away then don’t worry because you can always go back and re-read and try again later (you can even take a break after each attempt if needed). This is an important thing to realize though in regards to how your memory works especially when dealing with names, places or anything else that’s difficult.

What would you recommend doing in general for this challenge?

I recommend playing while listening to music/listening to audiobooks (preferably ones you already know well (unless they’re in English!) so you can understanding what’s being said). This will make time pass faster and help keep your mind focused on the stories you’re trying to read; If using music and don’t want to listen to something too distracting then I recommend instrumental music instead of ones with lyrics because it requires more concentration and will often drown out other distractions.
You should also be sure to take a break whenever you feel tired or not focused; It doesn’t matter if you just started, have advanced through several pages or are right near finishing (if losing focus) as even after a short rest period sometimes I’ll find I’m ready to go again. Don’t worry about wasting any time either because any progress is good progress so just take it easy.

How does this update level influence my final grade?

The short answer is that it doesn’t. The long answer is that Pottermore has come to the conclusion you’ve reached their minimum standard for each of these skills and now just have to keep practicing them in order to become better at them. It’s not uncommon for a lot of people, including myself, to be really high in one or two areas but really low in others because they simply aren’t interested in those topics or have no background information on them. This will only change if our interests change which I suspect won’t happen. For example, my reading is very good despite having difficulties with comprehension because there are so many clues embedded into the text along with highlighting showing me how to analyze the text. This is great because I can now use this skill on other written works that I might not have been able to before. Even with the people who are really good at reading comprehension, it’s most likely they will be lower in attention span simply because it requires you to concentrate for longer periods of time and reading isn’t something that we’re all too interested in doing these days.
That being said, although there were no options when taking my skills test as to which one was more important than others (like a hard/medium/easy option) based on what I know about cognitive psychology; Attention Span is by far the most important of these skills and probably makes up over 80% of your grade total if not more. So for some of you it might make sense to focus on the hardest skills and tackle those first. Again, we’re looking at a maximum score of 6 here which again I doubt anyone will ever get unless they take this test a million times over but still, just something to consider or mention if you ever get discouraged because your grade isn’t that high after the first few attempts.

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