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How do you unblock FB account if it is temporarily locked?


To access your account, clear browser cookies then wait 4 days. If no security check prompts you after 96 hours, submit an appeal to Facebook for re-activation of the account.

How do you unblock FB account if it is temporarily locked? This is a common question that many users who have their Facebook accounts blocked sometimes ask. It’s understandable when you don’t know how to unclog your Facebook account. The reason why it got blocked in the first place may not be known, so it becomes difficult for the user to determine what he or she should do next.

You can find solutions on how to unblock FB account here. In general, there are two ways to regain access into your FB account; through asking for the help from another account that belongs to one of your friends who have already been given permission by FB and applying a specific solution which we will discuss later on this article. I am hopeful that this article will help you.

Let’s start with the first method: asking for help from someone who has access to your account. This person may be one of the people that you listed as friend in Facebook when you created your FB account, he or she may have also forgotten his or her password and sent a request for email recovery, thus receiving access into that particular account again. The only thing we need here is to get in touch with this person and ask them nicely to unclog your FB account. You can use any means necessary to reach out to him or her; perhaps a phone call would work best, while if they don’t have a phone number registered, an email might do the trick. If all else fails; and you have no choice but to go over your friend’s profile page and read his or her comment section, this is the time when you start with “Please help me unclog my FB account”.

I hope that these suggestions would be able to work for most cases where someone had blocked their FB account by accident or by some other reasons we don’t know (there are many reasons or scenarios why a particular Facebook account gets blocked). However, there will always be an instance where asking other people won’t be of any help; no matter how hard we try reaching out to our friends. In such a case, we would need to find an alternative solution and fix the problem by ourselves.

I only know one way of unblocking FB account but then it’s not guaranteed that it would work in every situation because there can be many reasons why your account got blocked in the first place. So before I proceed with this method, let me ask you – what type of Facebook account do you have? How did your account get blocked so much that even asking friends for help doesn’t seem relevant at this point? Make sure to read the section below carefully on this.

Types of Facebook accounts

There are two types of FB accounts which are controlled by their users: personal profiles and business (fan) pages . It is often said that people have their personal profiles blocked because they violated FB policies . This is not entirely true. There are many other things that can make your account suspicious and therefore get locked automatically by FB security system .

What happen when you block an FB account?

If the owner of a Facebook profile decides to block his or her own account, he or she will be able to regain access into it provided that no one else has been given permission into accessing it by the user himself/herself. When we delete our FB accounts (which I hope you don’t do), then all your data gets wiped out from their database; including every single information about your friends. It means if you decide to unblock yourself using this method, then all your friends whom you’ve added or who have added you will not be available on your account when you regain access to it. So basically, this method can only work for personal profiles .

How does a Facebook fan page get blocked?

For business FB accounts (or pages), there are other reasons why they get blocked and these include:

1. The user who handles the page is using too many applications which makes him look suspicious in nature 2. The Facebook account of the person in charge of that particular page has been blocked before 3. There might be something wrong with the page itself – perhaps an invalid URL link 4. The email address associated with the profile/page is disabled 5. Asking too many people for help asking them to like and share a post with their friends, etc.

In addition to this, we often see that business pages get blocked because of the email address associated with it. In cases where the said email is disabled or no longer exists on FB records (because maybe someone forgot to renew his account), then there is a high chance for that particular page to get into trouble – in terms of security. So if you want your Facebook fan page unblocked and you don’t know what may have led to this situation, then take a look at these possible causes I’ve just listed above before doing anything else .

Is there any way around this? The short answer would be no! If there was a way around it (excluding technical loopholes), then why would FB bother blocking it in the first place? Facebook is all about having fun and getting entertained by sending messages to your friends (or any user on FB) without the fear of anything bad. These are just some guidelines that you should consider before even thinking about unblocking your account or fan page . It might be easy but it might not be as well.

How do I know if my Facebook account got blocked ?

It’s easy enough to tell whether or not your particular Facebook account has been blocked . Just go to fbblock.org and enter your email address into the input box provided as seen below:

Doing so will give you a list of posts which might have something to do with why your account got into trouble; reasons which can range from too much spamming to using too many applications and so forth. If you noted something which is similar, then congratulations! That’s the reason why your account got blocked.

What do I do if my Facebook account got blocked?

Now that you almost know what might have brought this issue onto your profile (or fan page), it is time for you to start thinking about how you can get around this problem in order to regain access into your FB account or business page. There are few things that come into mind:

1. Unfriend anyone whom you think may be suspicious 2. Change the email address associated with the particular FB profile – preferably an email which has nothing to do with what may have caused it 3. Think hard of what application you used that may have resulted in the account being blocked 4. Make sure to use a valid email address when asked to provide one 5. In case you’ve tried everything and still have some sort of trouble, then perhaps it’s time for you to call FB support directly.

IMPORTANT UPDATE: Just found this video from Matt Navarra  and thought I should share it with my readers here:

Matt Navarra is basically a Social Media Consultant who works for TNW as Head of Social MEDIA. He has been updating his personal Facebook profile (you can see his profile status update automatically) which seems like it’s been getting into trouble day after day because he on posting stuffs that make him look like spamming FB users and so forth. Yet he managed to unblock his account on the 5th attempt.

Take note that you have to agree with Facebook’s Term of Use (which everyone who has a Facebook account has agreed upon anyway) before they let you log in again. Also, Matt dropped a hint or two when it comes to his post right before he got blocked for good: “TNW Pick of the Day” & “This was brought to you by TNW which is part of the Tech30 program – It’s Post Of The Day! Click here if you want me to share this!” As what I’ve read from his updates, he claims that these paid promotions have something to do with why he got blocked. Therefore, it’s safe to say that this message points the finger on why he got into trouble in the first place. The good news is – Matt managed to unblock his account fast; so if you want to do the same thing, then try posting about TNW (Tech30) and maybe even drive traffic to www.TNWpickoftheday.com. I’m not saying that it will work but since you’ve agreed with the Facebook Term of Use, giving them some “hints” as to what is happening might help unblock your FB profile or fan page. It’s worth a shot anyway! Good luck everyone!

How do you unblock FB account if it is temporarily locked?

To access your account, clear browser cookies then wait 4 days. If no security check prompts you after 96 hours, submit an appeal to Facebook for re-activation of the account.

Why is my Facebook temporarily blocked?

Facebook might temporarily block someone if they are suspicious or abusive to their security systems, have received a message which was deemed unwelcome, or broke the company’s Community Standards.

How can I open my blocked Facebook ID?

To unblock a person that you’ve previously blocked in Messenger, first access your blocking preferences. Then select the name of the person that you wish to unblock and press “unblock” next to their name.

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