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How do you unfriend on Fun Run 3?


  1. Tap your icon at the bottom left of the screen to view your profile and navigate to “Friends.”
  2. Swipe to the right on a friend you would like to unfriend. You’ll then be prompted with an option saying, “Unfriend or Block?”
  3. Tap Unfriend to confirm your choice and that friend will be removed from your friend’s list. Note: You can also block other players, even if you are not their friend. To do this, just select the player and tap “Block” on the following screen. It’s a great way to stop unwanted players from contacting you.

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How do I unfriend someone?

To delete a contact from your list of friends, go to their profile (you can either click on it or search for them), click on the “person” icon and select “Unfriend”>”Confirm”.

How do you delete friends on AFK arena?

To remove a friend, click the + button on the bottom-right corner of the menu -> Friends -> Friend page. Scroll until you find the person’s profile and click “remove friend” on the right.

How do you log out of Fun Run 3?

Go to the Settings scene: from the Main Menu. Press Log Out. Note: If there is no Log Out button, press the “Password” icon: and add a valid email and password before the logout button appears.

How do you log into the fun run?

If you’re a parent, click the green “SIGN UP” button at funrun.com to create an account and register one student.

How do you plan a fun run?

Recruit volunteers early on to help with planning needs. Communicate your goals in a clear manner, including why the event is important and how it will be held. Pick a location for the race and map out the course. Obtain permits from relevant authorities so you can promote that aspect of the event. Provide registration info to capable volunteers who might.

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