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How long before a Hotmail account is deleted?


The maximum amount of time you can keep a Hotmail account active is 180 days, according to Microsoft. If you don’t sign in for 120 days, or within the first 10 days after signing up for an account, your Free Windows Live Hotmail accounts will become inactive. After an account has been dormant for 180 days, all messages, folders, and contacts are deleted; however, the account name is still reserved.

How To Delete Hotmail Account

Can you recover a deleted hotmail account?

Does Microsoft Delete old Hotmail accounts?

Microsoft removed your account if you haven’t used it for 10 days. Microsoft erased the account after 90 days, and

How do you know if a Hotmail account is still active?

To utilize this tool, go to www.email-checker.net and follow the instructions. Email Checker will provide you with the results if you enter the email address that you want to check. Mail Tester is a web application that allows you to test an email address for validity or existence by entering it online.

How do I know if my Hotmail account has been deleted?

However, if your Hotmail account has been inactive for 5 years, it will be deleted by Microsoft. If you receive a notification that your account is no longer active, this indicates that you haven’t logged in for more than 5 years and the account was terminated.

What happens to old Hotmail accounts?

The Hotmail email address has been migrated to Outlook.com. This web application now offers improved capabilities as well as services that allow users to manage their emails online.

What happened to my Hotmail account 2020?

The sender’s Hotmail account has been migrated to Outlook.com. This online application already contains new features and services that allow users to manage emails on the internet.

How do I recover my Hotmail account?

You may use https://account.live.com/resetpassword.aspx to reset your Hotmail account with Microsoft. You’ll be asked to supply answers to security questions you previously set up, or information about the account in order to verify your identity, along the way.

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