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How long do RuneScape accounts last?


  1. 5 yearsInactive accounts are deleted after 5 years of their last login now.
  2. UNLESS you were a Player Moderator at any point and time, or if you had longer than 3 years of Membership (Not consecutively).

How Much Is A RuneScape Account Worth?

How much it costs to MAX your account in Runescape 3

How long before RuneScape deletes your account?

It is difficult to say how long an account will last before it gets deleted, because there are many factors that can impact this. The most common reason for an account to be deleted is when the player has been reported for botting or cheating.

Why can’t I find my old RuneScape account?

This is a difficult question to answer. There are many possible reasons for this.
-You may have changed your password and forgotten what it was.
-Your account may have been deleted due to inactivity or because you violated the RuneScape rules.
-The email address you used when you created your account has been changed, so there is no way for Jagex to find it.

Does Jagex delete inactive accounts?

Jagex deletes inactive accounts. The company does not have a set time limit for how long an account must be inactive before it gets deleted, but if you haven’t logged in for six months or more then there’s a good chance your account will be deleted.

How do I recover my old school runescape account?

There are many ways to recover your old school runescape account. One way is to contact Jagex directly and ask them for help. Another way is to talk to the person who hacked your account and convince them to give it back, but this can be difficult.

Can I play old school runescape with my old account?

I’m not sure how old your account is, but you can play a version of the game called Old School Runescape. It is a separate version of the game that is similar to the original. You can create an account on this website if you want to try it out.

How do I unban my Runescape account?

To unban your Runescape account, you will need to contact the customer service team by emailing them at [email protected] and provide them with your account name and email address.

Do RuneScape permanent ban expire?

No, RuneScape permanent bans do not expire.
RuneScape permanent bans are a permanent ban from the game and will never expire.

Is Botting a permanent ban RuneScape?

No, botting is not a permanent ban in RuneScape. Botting is a violation of the RuneScape Terms and Conditions and can result in an account being temporarily banned.

How do I unban my runescape account from permanent ban?

You can’t unban a runescape account from a permanent ban. You have to contact Jagex customer support and request an account deletion.

Why is Runescape blocking my IP?

There are a few reasons why your IP may have been blocked from accessing the game.
Firstly, your account may have been blocked due to a previous violation of the rules of Runescape.
Secondly, it is possible that your IP has been blocked because you are using an unauthorized proxy server to access the game. This is against the Terms of Service for Runescape and will result in immediate account suspension.

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