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How long does it take to close an eBay account?


If you close an eBay account, we’ll send an email to your registered email address and to your eBay Messages within 24 hours letting you know that we’ve received it. To close a user’s account, it generally takes 30 days from the date we receive a request.

How to Delete Your eBay Account

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Why can’t I delete my eBay account?

If your account does not meet eBay’s basic requirements, it will not be closed until it does. You have 60 days to reconsider after closing your account. Your account will be permanently closed and cannot be reopened after 60 days. To purchase or sell items on eBay, you’ll have to create a new account.

Can I close my eBay account and open a new one?

When your account is closed, we’ll notify you by emailing your registered e-mail address. You’ll need to establish a new eBay account if you want to use it again.

Will eBay delete my account?

Normally, eBay deletes your account and all of its data in 30 days if you request it. However, if you’ve made a purchase or sold anything on the eBay platform within the last 30 days to qualify for the eBay Money Back Guarantee, your account will be deleted after 60 days.

Can I have 2 eBay accounts?

Sellers can have numerous selling accounts, according to eBay’s official guidelines. Sellers may use several accounts at the same time and for a variety of reasons and benefits. If sellers want to set up additional accounts, they must also comply with certain rules.

Can you sell your eBay account?

Because of the need to protect our consumers and vendors, as well as maintain a safe market, you are not permitted to sell your eBay account or change its ownership. We don’t allow accounts to be transferred or sold since feedback is supposed to evaluate a vendor’s performance.

Can eBay ban you for life?

The eBay account you are attempting to reactivate is permanently banned. This means that you will not be able to buy or sell on eBay anymore. Furthermore, any additional accounts you own, or whose passwords are linked with this account, will also be disabled.

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