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How long does it take Twitter to delete a reported account?


29 daysIt took Twitter 29 days to shut down an account for trademark violation from the time I reported it and provided trademark proof.

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How to report someone Twitter account – How to delete someone twitter account

A security researcher has accused Twitter of taking over a month to deal with reported accounts that were involved in illegal activities such as phishing scams and selling counterfeit software.

Twitter’s current process for reporting abuse, uploading a screenshot of the offending profile, was not quick enough for Graham Cluley: “It is difficult to see how it can take so long,” he said. “I would suggest that someone from Twitter looks into why this is the case. They should also look at their reporting procedures and see if they can be speeded up.”

How often does Twitter review reported accounts?

Taken together, our Trust & Safety (via Infringement) and Product (via Verified Apps) Teams review content reported to us by citizens around the world. Our teams take action on all reports of accounts that do not adhere to our Rules or Terms of Service, including Tweets concerning abuse, violence or terrorism; graphic depictions of nudity; criminal activity, like underage drinking or animal cruelty; scams; hateful conduct; and impersonation.
The process typically involves identifying an account for suspension based on several different factors, which can include dedicated evidence from other Twitter users through individual reports. With limited resources worldwide committed to these teams – it takes time to investigate each allegation before taking action. Moreover, even if there are thousands upon thousands of allegations (which we receive every week), we will not and cannot take action on each of them.

Can you really monitor Twitter for spam?

Twitter uses a spam-fighting tool called “goodbye” that prevents spammers from reaching or seeing your timeline. This means they won’t be able to retweet, reply to, mention, follow, unfollow or read your Tweets. They will also be removed from any lists you might have created on Twitter.
In other words: yes! Good job for using this report form to stay safe and block those shady accounts. Remember that some of these bad actors may attempt to make a different account and continue their behaviors if given another chance.”

How long does it take Twitter to delete a reported account?

An account is deleted as soon as the Tweet is taken down. This will be done automatically if it’s reported using Twitter’s in-app reporting system, but may take a few hours if reported through other methods like emailing or DMing.
Twitter takes immediatley action on an account that has been suspended or banned on Twitter. Accounts are typically suspended when there’s a credible threat of imminent physical harm to others, and they’re completely gone from the site once they’re hit with a banhammer. Accounts with controversial content get flagged for review by Twitter employees who work full time on evaluating these issues—and suspending accounts that violate the company’s rules. Only accounts that have been definitively determined to be in violation of terms can be banned, and this is a decision that is typically made after multiple reports of policy-violating behavior.

What will happen to an account that is suspended or banned on Twitter?

An account that is suspended or banned will have its profile photograph set to a default egg icon. Twitter suspends accounts when they violate the Twitter Rules and Terms of Service, often for abusive behavior. Once an account has been suspended, it’s not able to log in until it successfully completes any required classworks. When should I expect my report was successful? Twitter reviews reports within 24 hours of notification; however, this process may take longer due to our regular review practices (e.g., weekend days). Moreover, we cannot control how quickly twitter takes action on someone’s reported tweet/account.”

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