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How long does OkCupid keep your profile?


One-yearWe keep your personal information only as long as we need it for legitimate business purposes (as laid out in Section 5 and as permitted by applicable law. To protect the safety and security of our users on and off our services, we implement a one-year safety retention window following account deletion.

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Does your OkCupid account expire?

Please note that our Privacy Policy means we do automatically close accounts after a period of inactivity. If you have not accessed your account in over a year and cannot log in, that may be why.

How do you know if someone is active on OkCupid?

Yes, you may check the status of any user from this screen. The green circle is next to the username on a user’s profile, to the right of their usernamename. If the circle is filled in green, that means the user is presently logged in and active to some degree. If there is only a green outline but no filling inside, the user is offline.

What’s the green dot on OKCupid?

I haven’t logged on to OKCupid in years, so this information might be out of date, but they used to have a green/yellow/red dot that showed whether or not someone usually responded when you started communication with them. The majority of women have red dots since if you send them a message, they are unlikely to respond at all.

Is OKCupid worth paying for 2021?

You’ll have a lot of potential matches if you’re in this age group, which is the largest on OkCupid. When it comes to screening prospects, the “Dealbreaker” function allows you to exclude any of the search criteria that you aren’t willing to compromise on, which can save you a lot of time.

How do I delete my OkCupid account?

To cancel your OkCupid membership, go to OkCupid.com and log in. Select Settings from the drop-down menu; scroll all the way down to the bottom of the screen and click Go Here if you’d like to delete your profile. Choose Disactivate Account or Delete Account based on your choice, then explain why you’re leaving OkCupid.

Can you search for someone on OkCupid?

Log into your OkCupid account. Select your profile photo (you can find this on the top right corner of your screen) When the drop-down menu appears, choose “Find a User.” A white box will appear with the words, “search by username.”