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How long is a temporary block on TikTok?


Thank you for the question. A TikTok account may be suspended if one posts a large number of likes and comments in a short period of time, preventing it from posting again for 24 hours.

Why do I keep getting temporarily blocked from posting on TikTok?

Shadow-banning is one of the most common ways in which TikTok bans accounts. This usually happens if a user posts too much, or spamming.

Why won’t TikTok let me post anything?

If your TikTok videos don’t post, one of the main reasons is due to a weak or unstable internet connection. To ensure you won’t have an issue on this count and that the video upload can happen successfully with the necessary speed requirements for a short clip, check Wi-Fi or Mobile Internet icon on device’s Status Bar.

Who does this affect?

Anyone who has been paying attention to TikTok in the past few months knows it’s more than just another music video app where people lip sync along to their favorite songs — it can also be used as a tool to bypass China’s restrictive internet censorship, for example. It has also become a popular place where people go to talk about current events and to share their own stories as well.

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