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how to clear wechat storage iphone?


  1. To clear your WeChat storage on an iPhone, you can delete the app and reinstall it.
  2. This will clear out all of your chat history and other data.

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3 Ways to Clear WeChat Cache on iPhone

How do I free up storage on WeChat?

There are a few ways to free up storage on WeChat. One is to delete old messages and photos. Another is to uninstall unused apps. You can also clear your app cache and data. Finally, you can restart your phone.

How do I clear my WeChat cache?

Clearing your WeChat cache is easy. Just follow these steps:
Open WeChat and go to Settings.
Scroll down and tap on Clear Cache.
Tap on Clear to confirm.
WeChat will now clear your cache.

How do I delete documents and data on iPhone WeChat?

To delete documents and data on iPhone WeChat, you need to go to the “Settings” menu, select “WeChat” and then choose “Clear Data”. This will delete all of your messages, contacts and other information from the app.

How do I delete documents and data on WeChat?

To delete documents and data on WeChat:
Open WeChat and go to the “Me” tab.
Scroll down and tap “Settings”.
Tap “General Settings”.
Scroll down and tap “Clear Chat History”.
Tap “Delete All Files in My Phone Storage” to delete all of your documents and data.

Where is WeChat data stored iPhone?

WeChat data is stored on the iPhone in a file called “WeChat.sqlite”. This file is located in the “Documents” folder.

Where is WeChat data stored?

WeChat data is stored on servers located in China.

How do I delete WeChat storage on iPad?

To delete WeChat storage on an iPad, you first need to open the WeChat app. Once the app is open, you should be able to see a list of options in the bottom-right corner of the screen. One of these options should be “Settings.” Tap on “Settings,” and then scroll down until you see the “Storage” section. Under “Storage,” you should see how much space WeChat is currently using on your iPad.

Where are WeChat videos stored?

WeChat videos are stored on the user’s device.

How can I change WeChat storage to SD card?

You can’t change the storage location on WeChat. WeChat stores all of your data on their servers.

How do I delete photos from WeChat?

To delete photos from WeChat, open the chat in which the photos are stored and click on the three dots in the top right corner of the screen. Select “Delete Messages” and then select the photos you want to delete.

How do I stop WeChat from saving photos?

To stop WeChat from saving photos, you can either disable the app’s photo saving feature or delete the app. To disable the photo saving feature, open WeChat and go to Settings > Privacy > Photos. Toggle the “Save Photos” setting to off. To delete the app, press and hold the app’s icon until all of the icons start shaking. Tap the x in the top-left corner of the WeChat icon.

Can I delete message on WeChat?

Yes, you can delete messages on WeChat. To delete a message, open the conversation and long-press the message you want to delete. A menu will pop up and you can select “Delete.