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how to create a google account with family link?


  1. To create a Google account with family link, first you need to create a family group.
  2. You can do this on your computer or phone.
  3. Then, on your phone or computer, open the Family Link app or go to familylink.com.
  4. Click on “Create a new account.”
  5. Enter the name and birthdate of the child you want to create an account for.
  6. Follow the instructions to finish setting up the account.

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How do I turn off Google Family Link?

To turn off Google Family Link, open the Family Link app on your child’s device and tap the menu in the top left corner. Then, select “Settings” and “Account.” Scroll to the bottom of the page and tap “Sign out of Family Link.

How do I add an account to my Google Family Link?

To add an account to your Google Family Link, open the app and tap on the three lines in the top left corner. Then select “Settings” and “Add a child.” You will be prompted to enter your child’s name and email address. Once you’ve entered the information, tap on “Create.

How do I unlink my child from Family Link?

To unlink your child from Family Link, open the Family Link app and tap on your child’s name. Scroll down and tap “Remove this device.

How do I create a Google family account?

To create a Google family account, you first need to create a Google account. Then, from your Google account settings, you can add family members and set up parental controls.

Can Family Link See YouTube history?

Yes, Family Link can see YouTube history.

Can a 13 year old have a Google Account?

Yes, a 13 year old can have a Google account. They just need to provide some basic information, including their name, date of birth, and email address.

Can my child have 2 devices on family link?

Yes, your child can have 2 devices on family link. You’ll just need to add each device separately and make sure that both devices are using the same Google account.

Can two parents use family link?

Yes, two parents can use family link to share app purchases, videos, books, and other content with their children. Family link also allows parents to set screen time limits and remotely lock devices.

Can family link see browsing history?

Yes, family members can see each other’s browsing history if they are using the same computer and are logged into the same account. However, if you don’t want your family to see your browsing history, you can use private browsing mode or a different browser.

What happens when you turn 13 on family link?

When you turn 13, your family link account will be automatically converted to a Google account. You will keep the same username and password, but you will have access to more features, such as email and Google Drive.

What happens if I delete family group?

If you delete your family group, you will be unable to share calendars, photos, and other information with your family.

How do I change my child account to normal?

Yes, you can have a family Google Account. This account allows you to share your Google services with your family members. You can create a family account by adding other people’s email addresses to your account or by creating a family group.

Can you have a family Google Account?

If you’re the parent or guardian of a child account and would like to change it to a normal account, please follow these steps:
Sign in to your account and go to Settings.
Under “Account Type,” select “Normal.”
Click “Save Changes.”
You’ll be asked to confirm your choice. Click “Yes, Change My Account” to finish.

How do I create a Google Account for a child under 13?

To create a Google Account for a child under 13, you’ll need to provide your child’s date of birth and the last four digits of their Social Security number.

Can a 12 year old have a YouTube channel?

Yes, a 12 year old can have a YouTube channel, but they should be aware of the content they are posting. If the content is inappropriate, their account could be terminated.