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how to delete change org petition?


There’s no way to delete a petition once it’s been created on Change.org. However, you can edit the title, description, and goal of your petition at any time.

how to delete change org petition?

Change.org petition to DELETE my channel (Channel Update)

Can I remove my name from a Change.org petition?

Yes, you can remove your name from a Change.org petition. Just click on the “Remove my name” link at the bottom of the petition page.

Has there ever been a successful Change.org petition?

Yes, there have been successful Change.org petitions. For example, a petition to get better mental health support for students at a university was successful in getting the university to commit to more resources for mental health support.

What is the most signed petition ever?

The most signed petition ever is the “We the People” petition on the White House website. As of August 2017, it has received over 4.1 million signatures.

Can you see who signed a Change.org petition?

Yes, you can see who signed a Change.org petition. The names and addresses of the signers are listed on the petition page.

How do I hide my name from a petition?

There is no way to hide your name from a petition. Once you sign a petition, your name becomes public record.

Can I Unsign a change petition?

Yes, you can unsign a change petition. However, it is important to note that once you have signed a petition, the petition becomes a public record. This means that anyone can see that you have signed the petition.

What does Change.org do with your information?

Change.org does not sell or share your personal information with anyone. They may use your information internally to help build their community and make their services more efficient.

Who is Change.org funded by?

Change.org is a for-profit company that is funded by a combination of advertising, grants, and donations. The company does not disclose its financial information publicly.

What does a petition actually do?

A petition is a formal request to an authority for a specific action. It is typically signed by many people and presented to the authority with the hope that they will act on it.

Are Change.org petitions free?

Yes, Change.org petitions are free. You can create a petition for any cause, and there is no charge to sign or create a petition.

Are petitions legal?

Yes, petitions are legal. In the United States, the right to petition is protected by the First Amendment of the Constitution.

How many signatures does a petition need us?

There is no set number of signatures that a petition needs in order to be successful. It depends on the issue, the audience, and the goals of the petition.

How many signatures are needed for a petition to go to Parliament?

There is no set number of signatures required for a petition to go to Parliament. The number of signatures will depend on the issue being raised and how many people are interested in supporting the petition.

Is Change.org legit?

Yes, Change.org is a legitimate website. It is a platform for people to create and sign petitions on various issues.

How do I do an online petition?

There are a few different ways to create an online petition. One way is to create a website or blog and include a form for people to sign. Another way is to use a service like Change.org, which provides tools for creating and managing petitions.