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how to delete characters in black desert?


  1. To delete characters in Black Desert, you will need to use the keyboard shortcut “Delete” (or “Backspace”).

Black Desert Online ★ How To Delete Characters ★

Can’t delete characters

Why can’t I delete my character black desert?

There could be a number of reasons why deleting your character in Black Desert might not work. It’s possible that the game is saving your character’s data in some other way, or that you need to speak to a staff member in order to delete your character.

How do I delete a character in BDO mobile?

To delete a character in BDO mobile, first tap on the character you want to delete and then tap on the trash can icon in the bottom right corner.

How do you delete characters?

There are a few ways to delete characters in a string:
Use the .replace() method:
str = str.replace(“a”, “”)
Use the .translate() method:
str = str.translate(None, “a”)
Use a regular expression:
import re
str = re.

How long do BDO characters take to delete?

In general, BDO characters take a few days to delete.

Can I delete season character BDO?

Yes, you can delete season character BDO.

How does storage work BDO?

BDO storage is a system that allows players to store their items in a shared space. Items can be stored in personal storage, guild storage, or shared storage. Personal storage is available for all players, while guild storage and shared storage are only available to members of a guild or party, respectively. To access storage, players can speak to a Storage Keeper NPC.

What keys do you use to delete?

I use my left hand to delete.

What is the symbol for delete?

The symbol for delete is a line with a slash through it.

What is the code for Backspace?

The code for Backspace is 8.

Can I change seasonal characters BDO?

Yes, you can change seasonal characters in BDO. You can access the seasonal character selection screen by pressing the “C” button on your keyboard and then selecting “Seasonal Characters.” From here, you can select a new seasonal character to use in-game.

Can I make more than one season character BDO?

Yes, you can make more than one season character BDO. However, the maximum number of seasons you can create is three.

How do I transfer a seasonal character?

There are a few ways to transfer a seasonal character:
Use the /transfer command. This will transfer the character to the account that you are logged in to.
Use the /export command. This will create a backup of the character which can be imported into another account.
Use the /delete command. This will delete the character from the current account. The character will then be available for creation on any account.

What does 3 lines under a letter mean?

Under a letter, it means the line is being cut off.

What does FN mean in editing?

In editing, FN usually stands for “footnote number.

What is a proofreader’s mark called?

A proofreader’s mark is called a correction symbol.

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