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how to delete everything on your iphone?


  1. There are a few ways to delete everything on your iPhone.
  2. You can use the Settings app, the Photos app, or the App Store.

How to erase your iPhone | Apple Support

How to delete everything from your iPhone before selling it

What are cool things you can do with your iPhone?

There are a lot of cool things you can do with your iPhone, but some of our favorites include using it as a music player, taking photos and videos, and using apps like Maps and Weather.

How do I get rid of everything on my iPhone?

To delete everything on your iPhone, go to Settings -> General -> Reset and select Erase All Content and Settings.

Does erase iPhone delete everything?

No, erasing an iPhone does not delete everything. The data is still on the phone, but it’s inaccessible to users.

What things take up storage on iPhone?

There are a few things that take up storage on an iPhone. The most common culprit is apps, with around 18GB of storage available to users. Music and photos also take up a lot of space, with around 25GB and 50GB respectively.

Should I switch to Samsung from iPhone?

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, as the decision of whether or not to switch to Samsung from iPhone depends on a variety of factors specific to each individual. However, some things to consider when making this decision include: which operating system (OS) you prefer; how much storage capacity you need; and what features are important to you.

Does factory reset delete photos?

Factory resetting a device deletes all user data and settings, including photos.

How do I clear my iPhone before selling it?

To clear your iPhone before selling it, you will need to do the following:
-Go to Settings
-Select General
-Select Reset.

What happens if I factory reset my iPhone?

If you factory reset your iPhone, all of your data will be erased and you will have to start from scratch.

Why is my iPhone storage full when I have iCloud storage?

One possibility is that you have added an app to your iPhone that is taking up space on your device. To check if this is the case, go to Settings > General > Usage and see which apps are using the most storage. If one of these apps is an app you don’t use often, you may want to delete it. Another possibility is that you have photos or videos that you’ve transferred from your computer to your iPhone but haven’t deleted from your computer.

Why is my iPhone storage full after deleting photos?

There are a few possible reasons why your iPhone storage is still full even after deleting photos. One reason could be that you have a lot of hidden files on your phone that are taking up space. Another possibility is that you have a lot of apps that are using up space. To free up space on your iPhone, try deleting some hidden files and unused apps.

Should you remove your SIM card before selling iPhone?

No, you should not remove your SIM card before selling an iPhone. Doing so may void the warranty and could cause problems with your phone.

Will erasing old iPhone affect new iPhone?

Erasing an old iPhone will not affect a new iPhone. The phone’s operating system and data are separate, so erasing an old iPhone will not delete any of the new phone’s data.

Will resetting my old phone affect my new phone?

No, resetting your old phone will not affect your new phone.

Do photos stay on iPhone if deleted from iCloud?

Yes, photos stay on an iPhone if deleted from iCloud. If you delete a photo from your iPhone’s Photos app, it will also be deleted from your iCloud account. However, if you delete a photo from your iCloud account and then later restore it from a backup, the photo will still be there on your iPhone.

Can I delete photos from my iPhone but keep them on iCloud?

Yes, you can delete photos from your iPhone but keep them on iCloud. However, you may not be able to access these photos if you ever need to restore your iPhone or if you switch to a new device.

What’s the difference between iPhone storage and iCloud storage?

iPhone storage is the amount of space available on your iPhone for storing files, while iCloud storage is the amount of space available to you on Apple’s iCloud servers. You can access your iCloud storage from any device that has an Internet connection.

Does a factory reset remove Apple ID?

Yes, a factory reset will remove your Apple ID.

Do I need to backup my iPhone before resetting it?

No, you don’t need to back up your iPhone before resetting it.

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