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how to delete saves in astroneer?


  1. In Astroneer, saves are stored in the “Saved Games” folder. To delete a save, open the “Saved Games” folder and delete the save file.

Astroneer Tutorial: How to Delete Saved Games [PC]

Astroneer Tutorial – How to Delete your Saved Games

How do I delete saved games on my computer?

There are a few ways to delete saved games on your computer. One way is to uninstall the game and then reinstall it. Another way is to use the “delete game” function in the Windows Explorer.

How do you delete a saved game file?

In Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista and XP:
Open the Start menu and search for “Game Explorer”.
Right-click on the “Game Explorer” icon and select “New File”.
In the “New File” window, rename the file to something more descriptive (like “oldsave”).
Click on the file to open it in the default text editor.

Where are saved game files on PC?

Typically, PC game saves are stored in the “My Documents” folder on your hard drive.

How do I delete save files on PS4?

To delete save files on PS4, first select the game from the PlayStation Home menu and press the “Options” button. Select “Memory” and then press the “Delete Save Files” button.

How do you reset a game on PC?

Open the game’s installation folder.
Delete the “config” and “userdata” folders.
Copy the “config” folder from a working game to the installation folder of the game you want to reset.
Copy the “userdata” folder from a working game to the installation folder of the game you want to reset.
Launch the game and log in.

Does deleting a game on PS4 delete save data?

No, deleting a game on PS4 does not delete save data.

Will clearing data delete game progress?

Yes, clearing data will delete game progress.

How do you delete a save file on Switch?

To delete a save file on Switch, first make sure you have the correct file name. To do this, open the Save File Manager and select the save file you want to delete. Then, press the X button to delete it.

How do I delete game data on Steam?

Open Steam and sign in.
On the Library tab, select Games and then right-click on the game you want to delete data for and select Delete Data.
Steam will confirm the deletion and offer to restore any games that were saved within that game. If you decide to delete the game instead, Steam will remove it from your library and any progress made in it will be lost.

How many games can a PS4 hold?

PS4 can hold up to 500GB of games.

Does uninstalling Switch games delete saves?

No, uninstallation does not delete saves.

How do I get unlimited bytes in Astroneer?

There is no such thing as unlimited bytes in Astroneer. You will eventually hit a limit, depending on your hardware and game settings. For the most part, you can expect to use around 4GB of RAM at maximum.

Does Astroneer have console commands?

Yes, Astroneer has various console commands that can be used to adjust various game settings.

What is a winch in Astroneer?

A winch is a device used to rotate or move objects using mechanical power. In Astroneer, it is used to move objects such as rocks, trees, and other large objects.

Can you mod Astroneer?

Yes, you can mod Astroneer. There are many mods available for the game, and there is a thriving community of modders who create and share their work.

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