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how to delete skyrim saves?


  1. Open the “Skyrim” folder.
  2. Locate the save game you want to delete.
  3. Right-click on the save game and select “Delete.”
  4. Click “Yes” when prompted to confirm the deletion.

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How do I delete Skyrim saves on ps4?

To delete Skyrim saves on PS4, first make sure you have the latest version of the game installed. Once you have the game installed, open the PlayStation 4 system menu and select “Settings.” In the “System” section, under “Storage,” select “Saved Data.” Select each save you want to delete and press the “X” button.

Should I delete all my Skyrim saves?

There is no definitive answer to this question since every person’s individual experience with Skyrim will be different. However, if you’re feeling uneasy about your progress or if you’re not satisfied with the way your game is playing, it may be a good idea to delete your saves and start over.

How do I delete saves in Skyrim Xbox one?

Delete saves in Skyrim Xbox One:
To delete saves in Skyrim Xbox One, open the “Saved Games and Content” menu and select “Delete Saved Game.

How do you delete a save in Skyrim ps5?

To delete a save in Skyrim on Playstation 5, first make sure you are in the game and select “Options” from the main menu. Under “Save Data,” select “Delete Save.

Where are Skyrim saves?

Skyrim saves are stored in the Skyrim folder located in your Documents folder.

How do I go back to vanilla Skyrim?

To go back to vanilla Skyrim, you can use the “data” folder in your Skyrim installation directory. This folder contains a file called “skyrim.ini.” Open this file with a text editor, and change the value of “bEnableFileSelection=1” to “bEnableFileSelection=0.

How do you delete characters on Skyrim?

There are two ways to delete characters on Skyrim. The first way is to use the keyboard. To delete a character, press the Delete key on your keyboard. The second way is to use the Xbox controller. To delete a character, hold down the A button and press the Y button.

How do I clear Steam Cloud saves Skyrim?

To clear your Steam Cloud saves for Skyrim, open the Steam client and sign in. From the Library tab, select Games and then select Skyrim. On the right side of the window, under Local Files, click on Clear Local Files.

How do I delete a modded Skyrim save?

Delete the save file from your Skyrim data folder.

How do you delete saves on Xbox one?

To delete saves on Xbox One, open the “My Games and Apps” screen, select the game you want to delete the save for, and select “Saves.” On the save deletion screen, choose “Delete.

How do I delete save data on Xbox One cloud?

To delete your save data on Xbox One, follow these steps:
From the Home screen, select Settings.
Select System and then Save Data.
Under “Delete Saved Games and Content,” select Yes to delete your saved games and content.

Does making a new game in Skyrim delete the old one?

No, making a new game in Skyrim does not delete the old one. The game saves your progress and settings, so you can continue playing where you left off if you decide to switch games.

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