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how to disable comments on instagram 2016?


  1. There is no one definitive way to disable comments on Instagram.
  2. Some users have reported success by disabling comments on individual posts, while others have turned off commenting for their entire account.
  3. Still, others have found that they need to delete their account in order to fully disable comments.

How to control Comments on Instagram || Hide Comments || Block

How to Turn Off Comments on Instagram Post

When did Instagram allow you to like comments?

Can you search comments on Instagram?

How can I see my old comments on Instagram?

If you want to see your old comments on Instagram, you can go to your profile, click on the three lines in the top left corner, and select “Comments.” You can then choose to see all of your comments, or just those from a certain time period.

Can you search comments on Instagram?

Yes, you can search comments on Instagram. To do so, open the app and tap the magnifying glass icon in the bottom-right corner of the screen. Then, type in the keyword or phrase you’re looking for and press enter.

How do you see all the comments on an Instagram post?

Comments on an Instagram post are visible to the public. To see all the comments on an Instagram post, click on the “comments” tab located at the top of the post.

What happens if you accidentally like a comment on Instagram?

If you accidentally like a comment on Instagram, the app will notify the person who made the comment that you liked it. They may be surprised or pleased that you noticed their comment.

Can people see who liked their comment on Instagram?

Yes, people can see who liked their comment on Instagram. When you post a photo or video and someone comments on it, that person’s profile picture will show up next to their comment.

Why can’t I see comments on Instagram?

Comments on Instagram are hidden by default. To see comments, you need to turn on the “Comments” view in the app’s settings.

What does it mean when someone likes then Unlikes your post?

It could mean a lot of things. Maybe they didn’t mean to like it in the first place, or maybe they just changed their mind.

Do you get a notification if someone likes your post on Instagram?

Yes, you do get a notification if someone likes your post on Instagram.

Does Instagram notify when someone likes your post?

Instagram does not notify users when someone likes their post. However, the app does feature a notification icon in the top right corner of the screen that will light up when there are new notifications, including likes and comments.

What happens if you like and quickly Unlike on Instagram?

If you like and quickly unlike an Instagram post, the app will remove it from your feed. However, the post’s creator will still be able to see that you liked it.

Can my friends see what I like on Facebook 2021?

Yes, your friends can see what you like on Facebook in 2021. By default, Facebook sets your profile to be visible to everyone. However, you can change your settings so that only certain people can see what you like.

What if you Relike a photo on Instagram?

If you Relike a photo on Instagram, it means that you like it a second time. This can be useful if you want to show your friends that you liked a photo they posted, or if you want to save a photo to look at later.

Does IG notify when you screenshot?

Yes, Instagram notifies users when someone takes a screenshot of their Stories.

Who you might know is on Instagram?

Some people you might know who are on Instagram are celebrities like Selena Gomez and Taylor Swift. There are also a lot of brands on Instagram, like Nike and Starbucks. You might also know people who use Instagram for personal purposes, like sharing photos of their families or travels.

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