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How to Easily Spot Fake LinkedIn Accounts?


  1. Now Receiving Many Invites from People in the Same Company.
  2. Suspicious Profile Image.Lack of Real Personal Info.
  3. Suspiciously Good Looking People.
  4. And Premium Members Can Be Fakes Too.

How To Quickly Spot Fake LinkedIn Profiles

LinkedIn is one of the biggest professional networking websites in the world where professionals can connect with each other and share their experiences. However, have you wondered how to easily spot fake LinkedIn accounts? How do you know that a certain person’s profile on LinkedIn is not just another scam?

Using our free digital signature technology , let us help you How you can easily spot fake LinkedIn accounts and How you can find a real human

on the other end. How? We’ll show you how!

When viewing a profile on LinkedIn, look for these 2 signs:

1) How active is this person? Look at his/her connections, How many connections does he/she have – How many new connections does he/she have? How many connections are verified (they have a green check by their profile picture)?

How to spot a fake profile on LinkedIn

2) How long has this person been on LinkedIn? Do they only have a couple of recommendations and endorsements or do they have dozens or even hundreds? How old is their profile? This tells you how active someone is on the site. How many years Have they been there, How much time do they spend updating their own profile?

You can easily spot fake LinkedIn accounts if you follow these 2 rules. For example, one user that we found in our database had 100% unique High Quality digital signature as well as very low number of friends – 553. Only 3 were verified! How can you recognize him as a fake account? 1) How long he has been on LinkedIn (had an account for less than one year with just 553 friends and 3 of them verified). 2) How many recommendations does he have – exactly 0. How can you spot other fake accounts? Follow these simple rules: How long have they been on LinkedIn, How much attention do they pay to their own profile by updating it from time to time, How many connections do they have if they are not in your field of expertise. On the picture below you will see how simple is to spot suspicious profiles!

No need any more complicated software or add-ons etc. Just follow these easy instructions at http://www.linkedinlabs.com/fake-accounts/ and you will be more than 90% accurate in spotting suspicious profiles. How can you use this tool to your advantage? How much time are you wasting looking at hundreds of profiles that do not matter to you, How much money are YOU losing by paying people with fake accounts for references that don’t exist! How many times have they said they would send their clients but never did it? How many times have LinkedIn users severely damaged your business due to fake account activity from them? It’s time to stop the fakes now!

How to Easily Spot Fake LinkedIn Accounts?

1.Now Receiving Many Invites from People in the Same Company. …
2.Suspicious Profile Image. …
3.Lack of Real Personal Info. …
4.Suspiciously Good Looking People. …
5.And Premium Members Can Be Fakes Too.

How to Easily Spot Fake LinkedIn Accounts?

Now First, take note if someone from within company where you work is inviting you. Secondly, consider profile pictures which seem too good to be true or lack personal detail (i.e., people may show their head and shoulders but not their face). Finally, premium members

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