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how to play gta 4 on ps4?


  1. There is no way to play Grand Theft Auto 4 on a PlayStation 4 console.
  2. The game was released in 2008 for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 platforms, and is not compatible with the newer systems.

PS4 JAILBREAK 6.72 grand theft auto IV


Why does Lester burn his factory?

Lester burns his factory because he is angry at the company for firing him. He is also frustrated with the way the company has been treating its workers. Lester believes that by burning the factory, he will send a message to the company and its workers.

Is Sweet Franklin’s dad?

No, Sweet Franklin’s dad is not.

Did GTA 6 get Cancelled?

There is no confirmation that GTA 6 has been cancelled, but there is no news about the game since its announcement in 2016. Some fans believe that the game has been cancelled due to Rockstar’s focus on developing Red Dead Redemption 2.

Why is GTA 6 taking so long?

There is no confirmed release date for GTA 6 yet, but many people are speculating that it will be released in 2020. Rockstar Games has not given a specific reason for the delay, but it is likely that they want to make sure that the game is perfect before releasing it.

Will GTA 6 have 4 cities?

There’s no confirmation yet, but there’s a good chance that GTA 6 will have four cities to explore. Each of these cities will be unique, with their own cultures and landscapes. Players will be able to travel between them via various modes of transportation, including planes, trains, cars, and boats.

What is the biggest GTA map?

The largest GTA map is the one in Grand Theft Auto V. It is massive and features a wide variety of landscapes and areas to explore.

What city is GTA 6 based on?

There is no confirmed city for GTA 6 yet, but there are many fan theories about where it could be set. Some people think it will be based in Miami, others think it will be set in London. Rockstar has not released any information about the game yet, so we will have to wait and see!

Is CJ and Franklin related?

CJ and Franklin are not related.

Will GTA 6 have Trevor?

There’s no confirmation yet, but there’s a good chance that Trevor will return for GTA 6. He was one of the most popular characters in the game, and his death created a lot of drama and suspense. It would be interesting to see what he’s been up to since then.

Why does Rockstar take so long?

Rockstar Games is known for taking a long time to develop their video games. This is because they want to ensure that the final product is of the highest quality possible. They also want to make sure that all the features that they want to include in the game are actually possible within the timeframe they have.

What age is appropriate for GTA 5?

There is no definitive answer to this question as it depends on the individual’s maturity level and gaming experience. That said, Rockstar Games recommends that GTA 5 is not played by anyone under the age of 17.

Is there a GTA 7?

There is no GTA 7.

Why can’t I find GTA 5 on PS4 store?

The game is not available on the PS4 store because it was released for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 consoles.

Will GTA IV come to PS5?

There’s no confirmation that Grand Theft Auto IV will come to the PlayStation 5, but it’s likely that it will. Rockstar Games, the developer of the game, typically releases its games on the newest console platforms.

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