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how to reply to instagram comment?


  1. Reply to an Instagram comment by selecting the comment and then typing a response in the text box at the bottom of the screen.
  2. You can also reply to a comment by clicking on the “reply” button underneath the comment.

How to reply to a comment on instagram

How to Reply to a Comment on Instagram | Total Wellness Connect

How do you respond to a comment?

There are many ways to respond to a comment, depending on the situation. If you want to agree with the comment, you can simply reply with “Agreed!” or something similar. If you want to show that you understand the comment, you can say “I see what you’re saying” or “That makes sense.” If you want to offer a counterpoint, you can say “I disagree” or “Here’s why I think that’s wrong.

What should I reply to nice comments on Instagram?

Thank you! I’m glad you like it!

How do you reply to good comments?

Thank you for your kind words! We appreciate your support.

What is the best reply of thank you?

There are many ways to say thank you, but the best reply is usually just a simple thank you.

Why are you so beautiful reply?

I’m not sure why you think I’m beautiful, but thank you for the compliment! I guess it’s just something about me that people find appealing. I take care of myself and try to stay healthy, so that might be one of the reasons. I also like to dress well and wear makeup, which makes me feel more confident.

How do you respond to a compliment compliment?

Thank you! I appreciate your kind words.

What is positive response?

Positive response is a term used in marketing to describe the favorable reaction of customers to a product or service. A positive response can result in increased sales and brand loyalty.

What are some examples of positive feedback?

Positive feedback is a process that occurs in a system where the output of a process feeds back into the input of the same process, resulting in an increase in the magnitude of the output. This can create a self-sustaining cycle that leads to exponential growth or runaway reaction.

What do you reply to you’re cute?

Thank you! I try my best to always be cute.

Is pretty a good compliment?

There’s no definitive answer, as “pretty” can be interpreted in many ways. Generally speaking, though, most people would likely see “pretty” as a somewhat shallow compliment, one that doesn’t delve too deeply into the person’s appearance or personality.

How can one be so beautiful?

There is no one answer to this question, as beauty is subjective. However, some things that may make someone appear more beautiful include good hygiene, a healthy diet, and dressing in flattering clothes. Additionally, having a positive attitude and being friendly can also make someone seem more attractive.

What is constructive feedback?

Constructive feedback is a type of feedback that is meant to help someone improve their work. It is usually given in a positive way, and it focuses on the strengths of the work rather than the weaknesses.

How do I give negative feedback?

When giving negative feedback, it’s important to maintain a constructive and respectful tone.

How do you respond to positive feedback from boss?

Thank you, boss! I really appreciate the recognition and feedback. It’s great to know that my work is being noticed and appreciated.

What is positive example?

A positive example is an event or action that is used to illustrate a point or serve as a model. It can be something that is inspiring or aspirational, and it often provides a sense of hope or encouragement.