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how to screenshot on iphone xs?


  1. To take a screenshot on the iPhone XS, press and hold the Side button and Volume up button at the same time.

iPhone XS / XS Max: How to Take Screenshot (2 Ways)

iPhone XS / XS Max How to Screenshot!

Is iPhone XS good for photography?

Yes, the iPhone XS is a great phone for photography. It has a 12 megapixel rear-facing camera and a 7 megapixel front-facing camera. It also has a portrait mode that allows you to take beautiful portraits with blurred backgrounds.

How do I take a screenshot on my iPhone XS?

To take a screenshot on your iPhone XS, simultaneously press the Side button and the Volume up button. The screenshot will be saved to your Photos app.

Is it worth getting an iPhone XS?

The iPhone XS is a great phone, but it’s not worth the high price tag. If you can afford it, go for it, but there are cheaper options that are just as good.

What is the shot on iPhone challenge?

The shot on iPhone challenge is a photography contest that challenges users to take the best possible photos using only the built-in camera on an iPhone. The contest is open to anyone, and prizes are awarded to the top entries.

Can iPhone XS take raw photos?

Yes, the iPhone XS can take raw photos. This is a feature that allows you to capture more detail in your photos by shooting in a format that doesn’t compress the data. This can be useful for photographers who want to have more control over the editing process.

Can I shoot RAW on iPhone XS?

Yes, you can shoot RAW on the iPhone XS. RAW files are larger and contain more data than JPEGs, so they take up more storage space on your phone. However, they also allow you to edit the photos more extensively in post-processing.

How do you screenshot on iPhone 10 without home button?

To take a screenshot on the iPhone 10 without using the home button, you can use one of the following methods:
Use AssistiveTouch – This is a built-in feature on the iPhone that allows you to use gestures to control your device. To use AssistiveTouch, go to Settings > General > Accessibility > AssistiveTouch and turn it on. Once it’s turned on, you’ll see a white circle on the screen.

How do I capture a screenshot?

There are a few ways to capture a screenshot, depending on your operating system. On Windows, you can use the Print Screen key to capture the entire screen, or use Alt+Print Screen to capture just the active window. On Mac, you can use Command+Shift+3 to capture the entire screen, or Command+Shift+4 to select a specific area.

Is iPhone XS still worth buying in 2021?

The iPhone XS is still worth buying in 2021. It has a powerful processor and a great camera. It also has a large screen and lots of storage.

Is an iPhone XS good in 2021?

The iPhone XS is a great phone and it will continue to be a great phone in 2021. It has a lot of features that people love, such as the large screen, the fast processor, and the great camera.

Is the iPhone XS worth it in 2021?

The iPhone XS is a great phone and it will continue to be a great phone in 2021. However, the price may drop by then so it may not be worth it to buy it at that point.

How do you do a shot on iPhone?

To do a shot on iPhone, you need to open the Photos app and find the picture or video you want to use. Then, press the Edit button in the top right corner and select the Trim option. You can then use the handles on either side of the video to trim it down to the size you want. Once you’re done, press the Done button in the top right corner. Finally, tap the Share button and select the Shot option.

Why was shot on iPhone successful?

Shot on iPhone is a campaign by Apple that celebrates the art of photography. The campaign showcases photos taken with iPhones by professional and amateur photographers from around the world. The photos are displayed on billboards, in magazines, and online.
One reason the Shot on iPhone campaign was successful is because it showcased the quality of the iPhone’s camera. The campaign featured beautiful photos that were taken with an iPhone, which made people want to buy an iPhone to take their own photos.

How do I tag a shot on iPhone?

To tag a shot on iPhone, open the Photos app and locate the photo you want to tag. Tap the Share button in the bottom-left corner of the screen, then tap Add Location. Type in the name of the location where the photo was taken, then tap Add.

What is ProRAW?

ProRAW is a workflow system that helps photographers manage their photos from capture to post-processing. It includes tools for organizing and managing files, color management, RAW processing, and printing.