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how to take a screenshot on a surface go


To take a screenshot on a Surface Go, press the Windows logo key + Volume Down.

how to take a screenshot on a surface go

How to Take Screenshot in MICROSOFT Surface Go 2 

What can you do with a Surface Go?

The Surface Go is a versatile device that can be used for a variety of purposes. It can be used as a laptop, tablet, or studio. It has a 10 inch screen and comes with a keyboard and pen. It is perfect for students or professionals who need a portable device that can do it all.

Is Surface Go discontinued?

No, the Surface Go is not discontinued. It was released in July 2018 and is still available for purchase.

Is it worth getting a Surface Go?

Yes, the Surface Go is worth getting. It’s a great lightweight device that is perfect for on-the-go use. It has a long battery life and a lot of features that are similar to the Surface Pro.

Can Surface Go run programs?

Yes, the Surface Go can run programs. It has a full-fledged version of Windows 10 installed, so you can install any program that you would be able to install on a desktop or laptop computer.

Does Surface Go come with a stylus?

Yes, the Surface Go comes with a stylus.

Does a Surface Go have a USB port?

Yes, a Surface Go has a USB port. It is located on the left side of the device.

Does Surface Go have GPS?

The Surface Go does not have a built-in GPS. However, it does come with a built-in compass and accelerometer.

Does the Surface Go have Bluetooth?

Yes, the Surface Go has Bluetooth.

Is Surface Go waterproof?

The Surface Go is not waterproof, but it is water resistant.

Does Microsoft Surface Go come with keyboard?

The Microsoft Surface Go does not come with a keyboard, but it is available for purchase separately.

Is the Surface Go 3 slow?

The Surface Go is not slow. It has a Pentium Gold Processor 4415Y which is a low-power processor, so it may not be as fast as some other laptops, but it is still a very capable device.

Does Surface Go 2 have USB port?

The Surface Go 2 does not have a USB port.

Does the Surface Go have a camera?

Yes, the Surface Go has a camera. It’s a 5MP camera that can take photos and videos.

Can a Surface Go run Davinci Resolve?

No, the Surface Go is not powerful enough to run Davinci Resolve.

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