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Is course hero really free?


Course Hero. Though you can create an online account for free, the service requires a monthly payment to use its services.

Yes, 95% of our resources are free for anyone to use. Course Hero’s mission is to help students succeed beyond the classroom and we realize that all budgets are different. We want to ensure that every student has access to the tools they need no matter their financial situation. That being said, some materials will have a cost associated with them; this includes premium textbooks or in-depth video tutorials. We hope you understand why we’ve chosen to keep certain items behind a paywall so that those who can afford it help support those who cannot. You’re more than welcome to reach out via email at [email protected] if there are specific course hero resources you struggle to access because of limited funds.

What does ‘Premium’ mean?

Most of our resources have two versions, a free version, and a premium version. The premium resources are the same as the free ones but for the cost of $0.99 cents (or local equivalent) you will get the course hero version which is usually embedded video tutorials or removal of ads.

I have access to all my textbooks online for free, why do I need Course Hero? We realize that many universities put their content online for free in an effort to provide better educational tools for their students; however, there are limitations to what we can accomplish through a webpage. Sometimes it’s difficult to navigate through line items on a screen — in contrast to seeing them in print where pages come alive with interactive charts and photos that truly enhance learning. That’s why very often it is advantageous to have a hard copy of the textbook along with access to your corresponding course hero material.

Who can use Course Hero? Any student in any country can now join! We are currently serving over 14 million students from all 64 countries around the world; United States, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, UK, Spain, and Germany being amongst our top 10 countries. This number is rapidly climbing since we are internationalizing at an exponential rate. Our mission has always been to serve as many students as possible and provide educational resources for everyone who needs them regardless of financial standing or place of residence.

Does the student need access to the Internet in order to use Course Hero? Yes, students will need access to reliable, high-speed Internet in order to use our platform. However, the majority of our resources can be accessed offline through the downloadable pdfs and flashcards we provide. Some materials do require wi-fi or data access so please check before purchasing a premium resource that you will need active access while studying.

Does Course Hero really work? Yes! All of the resources on Course Hero have been rigorously evaluated by educators; from pre-service teachers to tenured professors. Our products help students retain more information and perform better on exams which is why we have a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you are not satisfied with any part of your course hero experience let us know and we’ll make it right immediately! Please contact [email protected] with any concerns you might have.

How is Course Hero better than an online textbook? Our platform allows the student to study anywhere at anytime; it’s a one-stop-shop for all your school-related resources that comes in print and video formats. We encourage our users to embrace the use of technology while they’re studying but do not believe using an app on its own creates a truly useful learning experience. Similar to how you wouldn’t want to read a book off of an iPad or screen, we believe students should use their devices as tools – be it making notes with Penultimate, watching embedded video tutorials, or flipping through flashcards from Quizlet – rather than being reliant upon them for all content delivery. That way when exam time comes around you will have practiced and memorized all of your course materials on paper rather than being left stumped when the computer is turned off.

Will it really look the same as my textbook?

Yes! All of our products are designed to replicate a real textbook. When designing each page you can choose from a variety of different backgrounds, zoom in to enlarge print, add your own notes and highlight important information. Each topic will be ordered in the same exact way as your book so there’s no need to worry about locating specific chapters or sections… everything you need for studying is contained within one easy-to-access location! The only difference between Course Hero and an actual textbook is that our hard copy versions come with interactive elements as well as flashcards, study guides, and other useful materials.

How easy is it to navigate? Course Hero’s mobile-friendly interface allows for a seamless experience while browsing the site from any device. Simply enter your search term at the top of the page to retrieve the results of our topic summaries and find out which ones you’d like to use with a single tap. Each summary will bring up its corresponding textbook page; just click on it to start reading! If a student would like to access more in-depth information about a specific topic they can select “show details” or click on one of its links.

Why doesn’t Course Hero have all my textbook content? We are constantly partnering with publishers who want their books to be accessible online and do not want their content to be available on other websites. We are constantly adding more titles every week (imagine a world with no more dead tree textbooks…) so check back often to see if we’ve added the book you’re looking for. If it’s not there just yet let us know and we’ll reach out to publishers on your behalf!

Does Course Hero work with eBooks? Not at this time unfortunately due to technical limitations… but rest assured that our platform works beautifully with all of the top ebook readers like Kindle, iBooks, or Kobo. With over 100 million books already in circulation, you will have plenty from which to choose!

If I am subscribed to UseCourseHero.com how can I cancel my subscription service?

Subscription plans can be canceled at any time. We will automatically bill your credit card on file each month until the subscription is canceled. To cancel, log in to usecoursehero.com and go to My Account > “My Subscriptions” or email [email protected] with the subject line of “Cancel Course Hero”.

How long does it take to receive my order? Most orders ship within 24 hours Monday – Friday from our vendor network; however, if a student places an order after 2:00 pm EST then it may not complete its fulfillment process until the following day. Once your order has been shipped you will receive an email with your tracking information which will also appear upon logging into usecoursehero.com.

Is course hero really free?

Course Hero. Though you can create an online account for free, the service requires a monthly payment to use its services.

Can You Get Course Hero for free?

Once you upload 5 documents, you will gain access to Course Hero for free. To unlock the site, though, your document must get five unlocks or 5 thumbs ratings. Once this is achieved then a one-course hero can be used as a token of unlocking and finishing off your course registration

Is Course Hero illegal?

Course Hero strives to maintain an atmosphere of respect and fairness. If you misuse Course Hero by plagiarizing, violating any laws, or cheating others on their hard work, we will permanently ban your account from the site.

Can I get caught using Course Hero?

You can be caught cheating with Course Hero if you place your work online on this website that is open for plagiarism detection by SafeAssign and Turnitin, etc.

Can your school see if you use Course Hero?

No, Course Hero does not notify your school. Many students use Course hero and Chess Answers if you upload documents in CourseHero and provide answers, anyone from your school can access these questions. Otherwise, the system will tell no one else about it.

How do I not pay for Course Hero?

Log into your account, hover over your profile picture, and click the Stop Recurring Membership button. Follow the instructions on the page to confirm cancellation.

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