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is it a pair of shoe or a pair of shoes?


  1. It is not a pair of shoes.
  2. It is not a pair of shoes.

Using the English phrase ‘a pair of…..’ in it’s singular and plural form (English Grammar Lesson)

The Other Pair | Short Film

Where is the shoes correct the sentence?

The shoes are incorrect in the sentence “I need new shoes.

Do we say a pair of shorts?

No, shorts are typically singular.

Should I say shoe or shoes?

Shoe is the correct word.

Which pronoun is used for shoes?

He, she, it

How do you use pair of shoes in a sentence?

I was going to wear these shoes to work, but I found a better pair at home.

Is a pair of gloves plural or singular?

Gloves are singular.

What is plural form of shoe?

He, she, it

Which article is used with pair of shoes?

There is no one answer to this question as the article used with pair of shoes can vary depending on what type of shoes are being purchased. However, some popular articles used with pair of shoes include shoe trees, cedar shoe polish, and shoe wax.

Is pair of scissors singular or plural?

Pair of scissors is singular.

Which is correct a pair is or a pair are?

The correct form is “a pair are.

Why do we say pair of goggles?

Pair of goggles typically refers to a set of eyeglasses or sunglasses. The term is derived from the fact that when one wears a pair, they are considered to be “paired.

Is it pair or pairs of socks?

It is generally recommended to put two socks on each foot.

Which verb will be used with a pair of shoes?

The verb “to wear” is typically used to describe when a person wears something. For example, “I wore my new dress to the party.

Is a pair of trousers singular or plural?

There is no singular or plural for trousers. They are always plural.

What is the meaning of a pair of shoes?

A pair of shoes is a piece of clothing that is worn on the feet. It is usually made from leather or other materials, and it is used to protect the feet from the elements and from injuries.

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