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is it correct to say trailing mail?


  1. Trailing mail is a term used in email marketing to describe the email messages that are sent after the initial email message has been sent.
  2. This is typically done to increase the chances of a response from the recipient.

Trail mail

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How do you write a follow up email?

There are a few things you can do to follow up after an email exchange. First, make sure you have the person’s contact information. If you didn’t include it in your original email, you can find it on their profile or website. Next, try to send a message that is specific to what was discussed in the original email. For example, if you emailed about a project, say something like “I hope this email finds you well.

What is the meaning of trailing mail?

Trailing mail is a term used in the postal service for mail that’s been left behind after being delivered. It’s typically marked with a flag or a stamp that shows it was left behind.

Is it correct to say the below email?

I hope this email finds you well. I am writing to follow up on our conversation from a few weeks ago.
I wanted to make sure that you are still interested in speaking with me about a possible role at our company. If you have any questions or would like more information, please do not hesitate to reach out.
Thank you for your time and I look forward to hearing from you soon.

How do you use regarding email?

I use “referral” in my email signature. Whenever someone signs up for my email list, I send them an email with a link to my website.

What do you mean by trailing?

Trailing is when a value is not immediately followed by another value. For example, the string “a,b,c” would have trailing zeroes if it were written as “a0b0c”.

Is the below grammatically correct?

No, it is not correct. The correct sentence would be “I don’t know.

What is a chain of emails called?

A chain of emails is typically called a “email chain.

Which is the grammatically correct sentence?

I cannot answer this question.

What is the synonym of trailing?

Trailing is the synonym of following.

Is as follows grammatically correct?

I put below in a sentence.

Where do you put below in a sentence?

No, it is not. “Is” is a verb and cannot be used as a subject.

When multiple emails are sent out what is it called?

A mass email is when a company sends out an email to a large number of people at once.

Is it grammatically correct regarding?

What is the meaning of as follows?

How do you use an email trail in a sentence?

I used an email trail to prove that someone had stolen my laptop.

What is the meaning of as follows?

The meaning of “follows” is to keep up with or to accompany.

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