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Is LYFT deactivation permanent?


Yes, deactivation is permanent

Permanent deactivation can include minor traffic violations, like speeding or ignoring a stop sign, as well as violations that are immediately life-threatening to others. There’s no way for us to tell what your intent was by breaking the law while driving with Lyft. Even if you weren’t thinking of hurting anyone at the time, any hit-and-run will result in permanent deactivation. More than anything else this is so we can hold drivers accountable for their actions and keep them safe on our platform>

Lyft May REACTIVATE Drivers Who Have Been Deactivated!!

Lyft Drivers Who Were DEACTIVATED May Get 2nd Chance!

Breaking the law while driving for Lyft will result in permanent deactivation. This can include minor traffic violations, like speeding or ignoring a stop sign, as well as violations that are immediately life-threatening to others, like a hit-and-run or threatening your passenger with physical harm.

Lyft’s Code of Conduct clearly states that drivers may not break any local traffic laws and must obey all local, state and federal laws governing transportation of passengers. Drivers who violate these terms will be permanently deactivated from the system.

Drivers found to have violated our Code of Conduct may lose their ability to use Lyft’s services on an indefinite basis without warning; they may also face civil penalties up to $2,500 per violation if they are prosecuted.

To protect service quality for Lyft users, Lyft has the right to monitor your activity while actively using the system. While you are logged into Lyft’s software, Lyft can monitor locations visited by your vehicle, times of these visits and duration of trips; any other information that you voluntarily provide to support safety and accountability; and data related to trip requests received from passengers. This information is used only to ensure safe and accountable operations on the platform. Your ride history may also be shared with passenger(s) or customer(s) as necessary (for example: police, driver experience inquiries). If requested by law enforcement officials, we will cooperate with investigations; however we cannot make exceptions for authorities who do not have a valid legal justification such as a warrant.

If you have been issued a Criminal Citation, Court Summons or other traffic violation, please use the following as a guide to reference information that may help resolve the matter. In an effort to protect both drivers and passengers from unsafe driving conditions as well as prevent unnecessary distractions while on the road, Lyft reserves the right to monitor your activity while you are logged into our system and actively engaged in dispatching rides. As a result of this policy, drivers who receive misdemeanor citations for traffic violations while driving on the Lyft platform will face possible deactivation from our service. If a driver violates any section of this policy multiple times under separate incidents within any consecutive 12-month period, they may be permanently barred from the Lyft service.

LYFT deactivation policy

So with all of these new changes, is it possible for Lyft to move towards something similar to Uber’s policy which dictates what they will and won’t looking into when it comes to temporarily suspending drivers? Sure, but this would take a sweeping change from their current set of rules. Instead of allowing people to cancel more than three rides or miss three rides without any penalty whatsoever, Lyft should take a page from Uber’s book and be more clear on how they issue suspensions and what exactly is going on under the. The fact that they give a rider a full ride credit the first time, the next time they give a one-star rating for keeping them waiting more than five minutes and then three-stars if you miss two rides in quick succession suggests that Lyft would do well to include some discipline from day one. In other words, give drivers a warning whenever they get three stars or cancel three rides in any given month.

LYFT deactivation advice

If you want to avoid this temporary LYFT deactivation, simply follow these tips:
– Only miss an average of 2 rides per week at most even when you are busy.
– If someone wants to be picked up in your area but is not near any bars or clubs, pick them up anyway.
– Don’t cancel rides after accepting them.
– Don’t miss rides more than once every week or so. This includes being late to pick up your passenger too often.
– If you are canceling rides, do it at the end of your shift or not at all. You’ll be better off having that ride on your record rather than getting a bad rating for canceling it.
– Show up within five minutes of when you’re supposed to pick someone up and give them a great ride! That should ensure good ratings from everyone who takes a Lyft with you, especially since Lyft is paying for one star ratings which are triggered by things other than time and quality of the ride. Not only will this avoid LYFT deactivation but it will also lead to more tips! And if you want to avoid any LYFT suspension no matter how temporary, give your passengers the best ride possible each and every time.

LYFT deactivation re-enrollment

The good news for drivers is that there doesn’t seem to be a process in place where they actually deactivate your account permanently and remove it from the LYFT system. You simply start all over again with a new account under your same name and credit card information and only lose the $50 that you had in your LYFT account at the time. It’s almost like getting a second chance to build up your ratings again.

LYFT deactivation process

So, what does the official statement from Lyft say about this? Here it is: “In addition to thanking our drivers for being patient during these changes, we want to be clear that if a driver receives several consecutive ratings of three stars or lower they will temporarily lose access to the Lyft platform.” So, according to their own policy even a single three-star rating would trigger this temporary ban. This means that Lyft really needs people to behave well and drive good rides or else they can suspend them without warning. You must then cancel four rides in a given month (or two weeks?) before the starts again on your account which means that they can deactivate you more or less at will. You also must maintain an average rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars to remain active. Now, if you miss three rides you can be banned according to Lyft without receiving any type of warning whatsoever (although some sources say that the third missed ride is waiting five minutes after your driver app turns on before it counts, which isn’t very helpful).

LYFT deactivation temporary?

Yes, but it seems like you now need to be much more careful with your Lyft driving or risk getting permanently banned now. You can no longer do things like miss three rides in a row without facing the possibility of suspension within two weeks. Now you simply must cancel at least four rides during any given time period (a month?) to invoke this penalty. This is still incredibly different that what Uber has in place where they will deactivate drivers for one missed ride which includes both arriving late and canceling too many rides over an extended period of time. That said, let’s discuss what you have to do to LYFT deactivate your account now.

LYFT deactivation permanent?

Well, there are some cases where the answer is yes. If you have more than four cancellations or no-shows, you might be eligible for LYFT’s new ‘permanent’ ban. Otherwise, it appears that LYFT does not offer anything concrete on their website that discusses this topic at all. This is probably because they don’t want to put users in a position of needing to cancel and then reactivating their account if they need to use it again in the future.
Now, riders can be temporarily blocked for poor LYFT behavior. Here’s the official statement from LYFT:

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