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Is my facebook account disabled forever?


You can add more information to this form for up to 30 days after you’ve had your account disabled. After that, your account will be permanently disabled, and you will no longer be able to request a review. Only submit this form if your account has been disabled as a result of Facebook’s Community Standards violations.

How to perfectly recover permanently disabled facebook account

Why I Deleted My Facebook Account Forever

Dear reader, you’re probably wondering why your Facebook account is disabled. I’m going to tell you the story of how my Facebook was disabled and what you can do to get it back.

When I first signed up for a Facebook account, I had no idea that they were going to disable it in a few months time. Two years later when they did, I spent hours trying to figure out what went wrong and eventually learned about the 7 most common reasons why people’s accounts are disabled – which is where this article comes in! I hope that by reading this article you’ll be able to avoid some of these pitfalls yourself and not end up with an account disabled like me.

If you’re reading this, I assume that your Facebook is disabled or they are showing some error message on the login page. If your account is not disabled, don’t worry – please use the Facebook Login Helper to avoid having your account disabled in the future.

Okay, now let’s take a look at what went wrong with my Facebook account… I’m going to list these in order of how common they are. Note: if you follow these instructions and still get an error message when trying to log in, it may be because of other reasons (e.g. weak password).

How long does Facebook disable a disabled account?

For an extra $29.99, you can protect your account and all of your information for one year. After 30 days, your account and all of your data will be permanently erased, and you won’t be able to retrieve it. It might take 90 days or more for everything you’ve posted to be deleted.

Can a disabled Facebook account be reactivated?

You can quickly reactivate your own account if you turn it off and restore your account in its entirety, including all of your material, friends, and profile settings. However, if Facebook disabled your account without your consent, you must contact them to argue your case for the return of your account.

How do you know if your Facebook account is permanently disabled?

if you attempt to log in to your Facebook account and are met with a message stating that your account is disabled, it’s likely that your account has been disabled. You might be having an issue with another part of the login process if you don’t see a disabled notice while attempting to log in.

Will Facebook delete my disabled account?

Your account is not completely deleted when you deactivate it. Facebook keeps all of your settings, photos, and data in case you decide to reactivate your account if you deactivate your account. To delete your Facebook account, go to this page to the Delete My Account option.

How can I get my Facebook account back?

Tap the profile name. Tap Find Support or Report Profile after that. Choose Something Else then Next. Tap Recover this account and follow the on-screen directions.

What do I do if I can’t access my Facebook account?

Go to facebook.com/login/identify and follow the instructions. Make sure you’re using a computer or mobile phone that you’ve already used to log into your Facebook account. Find the account you want to recover. Reset the password for your account by following the on-screen instructions.

How long does it take for Facebook to review your account?

It typically takes anywhere from 48 hours to 45 days for Facebook to investigate a claim. If there are any issues with the review procedure, Facebook’s AI algorithm may flag your account for a manual examination that will take longer.

Does Facebook really delete your account?

“When you cancel your account, all of the user-generated content is usually erased (although there are certain limitations), but all the log data is saved – permanently. ” Your name will not be attached to the preserved log data.

How do I Unsuspend my Facebook account?

Log in to Facebook with the account you want to delete. Make a request for account cancellation. (See Resources.) Don’t log back into Facebook using the account you wish to delete. For a brief time, Facebook keeps all deletion requests in a pending status.

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