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Is Pottermore safe?


Second, J.K. Rowling expressly stated in her video introduction to Pottermore that it’s a safe online experience focused on the books rather than a social networking or role-playing game.

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Why did they get rid of Pottermore?

According to Wizardsandwhatnot.com, Pottermore ran into copyright issues because of intellectual property rights. Because Warner Bros owned the film series, there were always concerns about what the old website could or could not showcase from the blockbuster series.

Is Pottermore completely free?

Many surprises await you in the app (which is free, so no quarters are required), including secret code unlocks and the newest fanzine we’re calling Wizarding Weekly.

What happens if you delete your Pottermore account?

What happens if I cancel my membership? What is Pottermore’s retention policy for customer data? Answer: You will be unable to access your account and will lose any customized settings. Please keep in mind that when you cancel your membership at Pottermore, the site does retain some personal information.

Can I delete my Pottermore account and start over?

You will have to cancel your membership and create a new one. If you want to narrow down your options, consider using a sorting hat guide. Is it possible to use the same email address to restart my account Yes, you may reuse your email and information to establish your account again.

Is Pottermore still open?

After the Pottermore website was closed in October 2019, it was replaced by WizardingWorld.com, which now contains a significant portion of the material. The Harry Potter e-book editions are still published by Pottermore Publishing.

What happened to Pottermore?

Pottermore.com now sends all users to WizardingWorld.com. The franchise expanded with new stories ( Fantastic Beasts) and games (Wizards Unite, Hogwarts Mystery), as well as companion books and whatever else may be in store for the future.

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