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Is there a way to watch deleted YouTube videos?


  1. Go to the video’s URL, you can add “&t=D” (without the quotes) to the end of the URL and press enter.
  2. This will take you to a page that says “This video is unavailable.”
  3. However, if you click on the three dots next to “Unavailable,” you will have the option to watch the video.

How To Watch Private And Deleted YouTube Videos

how to watch deleted youtube videos

Can you look up deleted YouTube videos?

Yes, you can. It is possible to find deleted videos by searching for the video’s title on YouTube and clicking on the “Remove Video” link.

How can I see deleted videos on YouTube or private?

Many people are wondering how to see deleted videos on YouTube or private. Fortunately, there are many ways to do this. For example, one can find the video on another website where it is still available. Another option is to use a web browser extension that allows you to view deleted videos on YouTube. The third option is to use an online service like KeepVid, which allows you to download the original video file from YouTube and save it for later viewing.

How do I find deleted YouTube channels?

You can search for deleted YouTube channels by going to the YouTube channel page and scrolling down to “deleted channels.” You can also find deleted YouTube channels by entering a username in the search bar.

How do I recover a deleted YouTube video?

If you deleted a YouTube video, you can’t recover it. However, if someone else deletes your video and you have a backup copy of it, you can upload the backup to YouTube.

How do you find the URL of a deleted YouTube video?

A URL of a deleted YouTube video can be found by searching for the video on Google and then clicking on the cache link that appears next to it.

How do I recover permanently deleted videos?

If you deleted your video and it’s still on your device, you can use an app like iExplorer to recover the file. If the file is not on your device, there are a few other solutions for recovering videos.
You can try to recover the video from iCloud by connecting your device to iTunes and syncing. You can also try restoring your phone as a new device or factory resetting it to see if that works.

Is it possible to recover permanently deleted files?

There are a number of different ways to try and recover permanently deleted files, but the likelihood of success depends on the file type. For example, if you had a Word or Excel document that was deleted, it may be possible to recover it using an undelete program. However, if you deleted a video file, there is no way to recover it.

Where do permanently deleted files go?

Files that are deleted from your computer can be recovered by an experienced data recovery company. These files may have been accidentally deleted, or the user may have wanted to delete them for some other reason.
Permanently deleted files go to a space on your hard drive called “free space,” which is a section of the hard drive where there are no files stored.

Which app is best for recover deleted videos?

If you need to recover deleted videos, you can try a third party app called “Undelete”.

What happens when you download a YouTube video and it gets deleted?

When you download a YouTube video, it gets saved to your computer. If the video is deleted from YouTube, it will still be saved on your computer. The only way to delete the video is to delete it from your computer.

What happens when a YouTube video is deleted?

When a YouTube video is deleted, it is removed from the site and is no longer available to view. The video’s URL may still be available online, but the video itself will not play.

How can I recover my deleted YouTube video in 2021?

There is no guaranteed way to recover a deleted YouTube video, but there are some methods that may be successful. If the video was deleted within the past 30 days, it may be possible to restore it using the YouTube history feature. If the video was deleted more than 30 days ago, it may be possible to recover it using a third-party tool or service.

Should I delete or private YouTube videos?

There’s no one definitive answer to this question. If you have videos that you don’t want others to see, you can delete them or make them private. However, remember that once you delete a video, it’s gone forever – so be sure that you really want to get rid of it before you hit the delete button. If you make a video private, only people who have the link to it will be able to watch it.

Where does the permanently deleted files go?

The permanently deleted files go to the Recycle Bin.

Can permanently deleted files be recovered?

Files that have been permanently deleted can often be recovered, although the process can be difficult and time-consuming. Deleted files are not actually removed from a computer until they are overwritten by new data, so special software or hardware can be used to access and restore them.

Which app is best for recover deleted videos?

There is no one definitive answer to this question. Depending on the type of video file that was deleted, different apps may be more or less effective at recovering it. Some popular options include Wondershare Dr. Fone for iOS and Android, Recoverit, and DiskDigger.

Can you recover deleted YouTube account?

Yes, you can recover a deleted YouTube account. To do so, you’ll need to provide YouTube with proof of ownership for the account. This can be done by providing the username, email address, or phone number associated with the account. If you no longer have access to any of this information, YouTube may not be able to help you recover the account.