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Is USPS account free?


Whether you ship one package a month or ten packages a month, shipping domestically has never been easier.

How to order FREE USPS Shipping Boxes

It will be activated immediately after entering your credit card information and verifying your phone number. However, it may take up to 24 hours for the first charge authorization to complete before actual delivery starts tracking. You can follow the progress on this page: https://www.usps.com/manage-address/tracking

You will need to enter your 8~10 digit Track and Confirm ID which can be found on Shipping Label, Business Reply Envelope, or Card under the “Track & Confirm ID” section. Here are some sample IDs:

To avoid possible delays created by your browser cache, you can clear them by restarting your computer and try again. Also, make sure that tracking is enabled in your USPS account before trying to create a new shipping profile. If it still doesn’t number. The Postal Service assigns an account number to each commercial mailer who sends First-Class Mail or Priority Mail, and a separate number is assigned for each location from which the mail is sent.

For information on how to obtain an account number, see Publication 197: How to Organize for Mailing at http://pe.usps.gov/cpim/ftp/pubs/pub197/pub197c.pdf.

Informed Delivery by USPS | See your Mail in your Email for FREE

The part of the mailing statement that includes your account number (usually found under postage statements) must be either scanned as part of your eDoc or attached to it in PDF format. You cannot submit paper copies with Form 3152-E as proof of deposit; they must be included electronically if you have them.

Without an account number, the Postal Service will be unable to determine whether you have paid postage through an advance deposit account. The part of the mailing statement that includes your account number must be included with all electronic and paper-filed returns as proof of deposit; it cannot be separated from the other information on the mailing statement.

If you don’t have access to a scanner, bring a copy of your shipping label and any parts of the mailing statement that include your account number with you to one of our walk-in centers when you file your returns or visit us online at http://www.usps.com.

All USPS facilities can accept faxes for Form 3152-E filing purposes only. Electronic filers can submit via fax to 703-360-8693. However, fax submission cannot be used as a substitute for electronic filing.

Print this page out and keep it with your records. A mailing statement (PS Form 3152) is available on our website or by calling Customer Service at 800-332-0317 to be used when mailings are presented at a Postal facility or post office for acceptance into the mainstream. A mailing statement must accompany all First-Class Mail and Priority Mail submissions deposited at retail service counters or Business Mail Entry Units (BMEUs), being presented as drop shipments, and that contains one of these indicia: Only one address should be entered on the PS Form 3152 understand(for example, if you have 100 separate orders and 100 copies of the same bill to be mailed, you should enter the company address as the sender/principal name under). You may use a mailing label generated by a postage evidencing system (see Publication 199 ) in lieu of a PS Form 3152. You must include the necessary information on this label (specifically, the appropriate destination codes) when using it to prepare mailings containing First-Class Mail or Priority Mail. For additional information about mailing labels see Publication 41: Business Mailer Support at http://pe.usps.gov/cpim/ftp/pubs/pub41/pub41c3_003.pdf. Commercial mailers who do not print shipping labels from their postage evidencing system must present mail on shipping papers (bills), with the postage statement portion of the shipping paper accounting for the postage. Mailing statements must be prepared and submitted either by:

There are two ways a mailing statement can be filed electronically, both of which require you to include electronic signatures using your DUNS number and password:

E-Filing Method 1: E-filing is done through our Web site at http://usps.com/ecp, from the “Tools” menu select “eDoc Filing.” The eDoc Filing system is used to file an electronic copy of PS Form 3152 or its equivalent with each electronically filed return in addition to submitting an ASCII text file consisting of the sender/principal name, mailing address, and ZIP Codes under the account number and optional “#” character.

E-Filing Method 2: E-filing is done through authorized software. Contact your software provider for more information about eDoc Filing capabilities and limitations.   You’re using an older version of a commercial electronic mail package (such as PC Mail or Microsoft Office Mail). The Postal Service does not support non-secure socket (SSL) encrypted connections to our servers because they don’t provide adequate security against malicious attacks that could result in disclosure of confidential data or denial-of-service conditions on our Web site. If you are unable to upgrade your mail package so transactions can be completed securely via SSL, please contact.

Is USPS account free?

Whether you ship one package a month or ten packages a month, shipping domestically has never been easier.

How much does a USPS business account cost?

It costs $15.95 per month and their monthly insurance is less than anyone else’s, as well as all of the video content offered at discounted rates. Until your volume qualifies you for commercial plus, you also receive discounts on every purchase including regional box and padded flat-rate shipping!

Do you have to pay for USPS exam?

The US Postal Service doesn’t charge for taking exams and applying for jobs. Be aware of postal service scams that charge you a fee to place an ad in the paper or apply through their website. The Postal Service is one of the largest employers with about 644,000 workers and revenue at around $69 billion per year.

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